The LEGO Movie

After a nice dinner at Dickey’s BBQ, my wife and I went and saw The LEGO Movie last night. The LEGO Movie was one of my most anticipated films for 2014.  I am happy to say that the anticipation paid off.

SF Sketchfest Post #7 – Top Secret!

It has been thirty years since David and Jerry Zucker collaborated with Jim Abrahams, and brought Val Kilmer to the screen as American Skeet Surf Rocker Nick Rogers in Top Secret! The film is still just as funny as it was the million or so times it ran on HBO…

SF Sketchfest Post #1 – Napoleon Dynamite

Thursday night was the first night of San Francisco Sketchfest 13.  We had tickets to the first event, a tenth anniversary screening of Napoleon Dynamite. The screening was to include a bit of a reunion with the actors who played Napoleon, Uncle Rico and Pedro attending.

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

Friday night after work I boarded a CalTrain for San Jose. I met my wife at the train depot and we headed over to “Jedi Nights” at The Tech Museum.  There was a Star Wars Exhibition on display and they had a bunch of family friendly Star Wars/Science projects you could participate in.

The Cabin in the Woods

Tonight, I ducked out of work an hour early and saw The Cabin in the Woods. I was drawn in by Drew Goddard and Amy Acker in attendance and… not having to pay for a movie I might not have enjoyed. I had read the screenplay and it was good, but my wife says I…

Putting Everything Together

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: While everyone else that pre-ordered uploaded their Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack to iTunes, then connected their phones to sync, I went the Music by Google route and Google were even nice enough to tag the non-ID3 tagged files and add the appropriate cover art for me. Oh,…