Top Stuff of 2011

Top Albums of 2011: Does It Offend You, Yeah – Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You Katie Herzig – The Waking Sleep Foo Fighters – Wasting Light Tori Amos – Night of Hunters/Night of Hunters (Sin Palabras) The Airborne Toxic Event – All at Once Top Concerts of 2011: Nerf Herder @ Bottom of the…

Putting Everything Together

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: While everyone else that pre-ordered uploaded their Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack to iTunes, then connected their phones to sync, I went the Music by Google route and Google were even nice enough to tag the non-ID3 tagged files and add the appropriate cover art for me. Oh,…

He with the best swag wins

Tonight, we went to Best Buy on Harrison Street for the Nintendo 3DS launch event. We heard about it from an ad on LIVE 105 and changed our plans from going to see Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs at The Rickshaw Stop to going to the Nintendo event pretty darned quickly.

2011 Event List in Progress

Work in progress…the Bill Cosby shows have been on sale since May?!?! and the only cheap seats are in the second to last row…   01/08 The Sweet Revenge 01/11/11 Erik’s birthday and we have no plans. We must fix this!   02/07 or /08 Atomic Tom 02/12 Bill Cosby 02/xx Avenue Q 02/19 Stockholm…

The 20-sided Blog

Last weekend we went on an awesome series of adventures in Seattle, visiting Penny Arcade Expo 2010 and the SEGA PAXtravaganza. This rather lengthy entry details out what we did as part of our main PAX quests and several sidequests as well.