Top Things of 2014

Every year I do one of these posts.  I posted in the blog a lot less this year due to other activities taking up my time, but I have pulled together a list of some of my favorite things and biggest disappointments of the year and will likely be posting plenty more in 2015.

TableFlip 2014

Back in August, I caught an RT by Max Temkin, which announced his participation in a gaming conference called TableFlip. It was going to be in San Francisco, so we were in.

GaymerX2, Charming Hostess, and Jesse Olsen Bay

This weekend was a very full one.  We attended GaymerX2, a convention which emphasized providing a safe event for the LGBTQ community, but was inclusive for everyone too.  We got tickets to attend because the folks behind Cards Against Humanity were sponsoring the event and we figured they’d have something cool for us there.