Star Wars Celebration: Or How I Learned to Stop Waiting and Love the Queue Lines


It was a period of long queue lines. Thousands of people
queued for many hours either to see a panel, obtain an
autograph or purchase a limited edition item.

From countries and states around the world, they made the
journey to Anaheim California where promises of surprise
revelations regarding the next Star Wars film brought them
together united into a queue encampment in Hall E of the
Convention Center…

We left on Tuesday night, a week ago, and headed south after work. I traveled via BART to CalTrain to VTA and met my wife at her current place of employment. If I hadn’t done all that train travel, we would have definitely missed the Ingress NL-1331 meetup in Fresno that we stumbled into ten minutes before it was over.

It was great to see some of my friends for a few minutes and I got a cool digital badge for the game while we were at BJ’s in Fresno. My wife had some of a friend’s birthday pizookie so we both got something good out of the pit stop.

We pulled in to our hotel for the night, the Good Nite Inn in Buena Park in the very early morning and the front desk clerk double charged me for the room. I figured this was just the start of potentially many mishaps. In the end, after a night’s worth of rest, I checked in with the hotel manager and the issue had been resolved. It was a place to lay our heads for the night, but I certainly wouldn’t consider the Good Nite Inn to be the best hotel on earth.

We had breakfast across the street from the hotel at the Black Bear Diner. I had a very good chicken apple sausage scramble with fruit instead of toast. My wife had a generous portion of cinnamon roll French toast. Most of the French toast got boxed to go and ended up in a trash can later on in the weekend when it remained uneaten.

After breakfast we stopped by the local Wal-Mart to both kill some time and purchase some necessities. The Wal-Mart was an anchor in a mall that also had a Bed Bath and Beyond and a Ross in it. It was odd to see those big box stores anchored into an indoor mall and not a strip mall. The Buena Park Wal-Mart also had the distinction of being across the parking lot from a Portillo’s which we made note of as a possible dinner location at some point during the trip.

That Wal-Mart excursion lead us to the Anaheim Wal-Mart where while shopping we noticed our friend who would be our roommate for the rest of the weekend was getting dangerously close to our location via his Instagram profile.

We headed to the Motel 6 Anaheim Maingate and met up with our friend, Star Wars RPG Author Drew Campbell, who wrote portions of Cynabar’s Fantastic Techonlogy: Droids, Cracken’s Threat Dossier and Cynabar’s Droid Datalog back in the late 90’s for West End Games.

Despite being a lifelong Star Wars fan and a published Star Wars author, this was Drew’s first Star Wars Celebration as well as being the first time for my wife and I. We chatted for a bit in the hotel room and debated whether we would go and join the queue line for the kickoff JJ Abrams/Kathleen Kennedy The Force Awakens panel.

My wife read on Twitter that OfficialPix, the people running the autograph area, were allowing folks to pick up preordered autograph tickets in the registration area. We decided to go over to the convention center and leave our friend behind, if nothing else to survey the scene.

We tried parking at the Convention Center and were given a disclosure stating that any cars left in the parking lot after 2AM would potentially be towed. My wife dropped me off and went in search of alternative parking. I went inside and got our autograph tickets for Kenny Baker (R2-D2), Anthony Daniels (C3PO) and Ian McDiarmid (Sheev Palpatine) plus $40 in general autograph coupons which could be used toward any of the non-main guests’ autographs. By spending $250 on those autographs, we got a free pin that featured Luke, Leia and Han in Endor fatigues and had the 2015 Star Wars Celebration Anaheim logo on it as well.

I left the autograph registration desk and noticed the large line forming outside the convention center. It was definitely more than a few people already in line outside before the 6pm line that would be camping overnight had even started.

I caught up with my wife who had found $16 overnight parking at the Hilton across the sidewalk from the Convention Center. We went back to the car and grabbed our camping gear and headed around the block to the end of the line.

The first folks got in line around 8am on Wednesday. We arrived at the end of the pre-queue at around 4:30pm and I’d estimate around 600 people were in line ahead of us.

We queued outside for a couple of hours. The line stretched across the street for a good thirty minutes before we were left inside. Thankfully we were sort of in the shade. We had a guy behind us who had a speaker for his phone that he was playing Star Wars and other nerdy music on. It was good theme music for queue line. He had a friend with him and there was a cool guy taking photos behind them. Ahead of us were a couple. He was in a wheelchair and she was a younger Thai fan who group up on the prequels. She had her fingernails painted with R2-D2 on them. We were joined by one of the wheelchair bound gentleman’s family members and a woman who claimed to work for the people behind Whedonopolis but whose name and profile I could not find on their site.

Things were pleasant until Whedonopolis lady mentioned that everyone should agree that the prequels weren’t really Star Wars films and that Han shot first. I think everyone could agree on that second point.

The folks in front of us, including Whedonopolis lady, ended up heading to the elevator as the rest of us took the stairs into the great queue pens of Hall E. They ended up in the front of the medical badge queue at the other end of the hall. The three guys behind us were in our pen for the remainder of the night.

Our queue line experience is best experienced live on YouTube. I recorded a 10-part series of commentary videos during our time in line.

We had a fairly well stocked concessions stand and moderately clean bathrooms in the queue hall. We had a nice campsite erected from items we had packed in our car. The folks around us were cool. It was our home for the time and the thousands of Star Wars fans waiting around us were a big part of that.

At one point, John Morton, an actor who played Dak Ralter in The Empire Strikes Back and also was a stand-in for Boba Fett in Cloud City when Jeremy Bulloch was unavailable for filming, came through and greeted the line. I had no idea who he was and was returning from the bathroom at the time of his visit. Oops.

Later in the evening, Mary Franklin got on a bullhorn and informed the front of the line that JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy had ordered pizza for the entire line. However, since they had ordered from a single pizza shop and just a few minutes before the shop was scheduled to close for the night, they would take a while to distribute to the crowd.

Word was disseminated throughout the queue. The great director and producer had bestowed a bounty of food upon the masses.

Prior to the pizza arriving, I had a really nice southwest chicken salad. My wife had acquired but barely touched a turkey sandwich. We each had a hot dog at some point. Mine was bunless as I have been suffering from a self-imposed “bread allergy”.

However once the pizza arrived, bread be damned, I ate a slice of JJ pizza and it was the best food ever.

Fatigue set in throughout the queue at multiple points throughout the night. I extracted some video files on my laptop but was too tired to watch them afterward. I tried playing some 3DS and couldn’t concentrate on it. My wife and I played some Star Fluxx. I had trouble following the game.

Many of our compatriots fell into slumber around us. And then the magic started happening again.

James Arnold Taylor, the voice actor who plays Obi Wan Kenobi in The Clone Wars, host of the main stage for Star Wars Celebration, and Mark Daniel, the warm up act for the main stage, started a lengthy visit to the queue line. Mind you, it was after midnight and I think by the time they reached the end of their visit it was around 2:30 or 3:00am!

One of my queue line clips chronicles their visit to our campsite. It was really a cool moment among a lot of fun times in the queue.

After Kenobi used the force to awaken the sleeping campers, my wife and some of our new queue friends played some more Star Fluxx as I faded in and out in my camping chair.

Night turned into morning and they came through around 5:20 and said we would have 30 minutes to put our stuff in our cars or take it back to our hotels. My wife took our camping gear to the car and we prepared ourselves for the final round of a marathon queue.

Wristband distribution lead to our queue getting ubercrunched together for the final two and a half hours in Hall E. We got our orange Celebration Stage wristbands but it got very hot and sticky with no campsites to give queue line attendees space.

Somehow, we survived. In my case, I made an escape for a little while and headed to the bathroom, got a bottle of gatorade and headed out onto the smoker patio they had set up at the other end of the hall. I could see the sunlight and feel cold air in the otherwise unbreathable space. I hate secondhand smoke but it was worth it to feel the air for a moment.

Eventually our cow pen was released and we did a parade to the tune of the friendly music playing fan’s phone boombox. The Final Countdown, the most fitting song we could hear.

We passed by the giant exhibit hall line outside the convention center. Boy I was glad to not be in that line. We headed forward past Halls D, C, B and A and to the front of the Arena. We were assigned to Queue 3 and ended up with pretty good seats to the right side of the stage on the floor.

After 18 hours in queue, we had reached the Celebration Stage and were listening to DJ Elliot spin tracks as the pre-show to the biggest panel of the weekend.

Elliot and Mark Daniel warmed up the crowd and then introduced Anthony Brezican from Entertainment Weekly, who would be moderating The Force Awakens Panel.

I can’t say I remember much of what Brezican had to say in his introduction, but I can say that it involved Twitter hashtags of “Stormtrooper” “CP3O” and “BB8” and them changing into Star Wars emoji on Twitter. Yes, the hashtag was “CP3O” not “C3PO”. No, I don’t know if someone got fired afterward.

Brezican brought out JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy who talked a bit about how they became involved in the future of Star Wars. Kennedy was sporting a brand new Her Universe Star Wars lightsaber shirt that my wife ended up picking up in the exhibit hall. Abrams was wearing a Force for Change hat that he gave away at the end of the panel.

They showed some cool behind the scenes still shots including one of Kennedy and Abrams in the Millennium Falcon pilot seats. They eventually brought out Lee Towersey and Oliver Steeples, the fans who Kennedy discovered at the last Star Wars Celebration who were brought on to pilot R2D2 in Episode VII. They of course in turn brought out everyone’s favorite astromech. It was a great moment to see two fans become a major part of the biggest panel of the weekend due to their robot building talents. As Towersey and Steeples were about to leave the stage, another droid, one who will likely soon become everyone’s new favorite astromech, took the stage. BB-8 rolled on to the stage and the entire crowd including likely everyone watching on YouTube had their jaws hanging to the floor.

BB-8 was a marvel to watch. Posing and turning his head and rolling into a confrontation with R2, BB-8’s appearance at The Force Awakens panel was the highlight of my weekend.

After the droid skirmish, Towersey and Steeples and the two droids left the stage and Abrams and Kennedy introduced Daisy Ridley (Rey), John Boyega (Finn) and Oscar Issac (Poe Dameron) to the stage. Three young new leads for the Star Wars franchise. They offered small hints about their characters. Boyega mentioned he was scared to tell his mother about his role and didn’t mention it to her until after the first cast photo was released. He confirmed that Finn was a stormtrooper and got himself into a situation that changes things for him. Issac mentioned that Poe Dameron was the best frickin’ pilot in the galaxy, sent on a mission by a certain princess. Ridley didn’t say much about Rey.

They brought out some familiar faces next, but maybe a bit different. Around a dozen stormtroopers in their new First Order armor paraded out on to the stage to loud cheers from the crowd.

Not to overshadow the stormtroopers, but they did, next was Mark Hamill (Luke), Carrie Fisher (Leia), Anthony Daniels (C3PO) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca). JJ and Kathleen explained Harrison Ford’s absence due to his recent emergency plane landing. The “legacy” cast members were all very gracious to be there with their “family” both onstage and in the crowd. Fisher ended the segment with a comment that “not only was I someone you could watch on screen but I was also a toy you could buy. Thank you all for playing with me.”

And thus ended the giant presentation of actors and droids and stormtroopers.

JJ and Kathleen came back to introduce the second teaser trailer.

So many tears.

From a crashed Star Destroyer and X-Wing to a wookie and a smuggler, the trailer hit me where it counted. Star Wars is back. And I was there to live it in person.

When the trailer ended, we of course wanted to see it again. So they showed it again. Hell, they could have reshown the trailer for the rest of the day and we would have kept watching.

Once the lights were up, the teary eyed thousands filed out of the arena and onward to the rest of a giant weekend. We had gone our separate ways, receiving generic posters on the way out.

We found our way out of the maze from the arena to the Hilton parking lot, where we dropped off our newly acquired posters and then retreated to the hotel’s food court for lunch at Baja Fresh. I had a tasty pork carnitas salad. My wife had two Americano style tacos, one carnitas and the other chicken. She felt like those tacos were inferior due to their lack of pico de gallo.

After lunch, we headed back to the convention center and had several options. I opted to take us to the next panel that was on my schedule, Behind the Scenes: Original Trilogy Costumes. What I didn’t know in advance that none of the panelists actually worked on costumes in the original trilogy, nor did any of them really have any relationship to the costumes other than writing a book using the costumes from the Lucasfilm archives. The first ten minutes of the panel included them playing their trailer for the book, then joking that it was obviously going to be the best trailer we saw all weekend.

I didn’t enjoy the metal edge of the chairs in the room, nor did I enjoy the content of the panel, so we bailed a few minutes later. We didn’t return to the Behind the Scenes stage again for any further events.

We headed to the Exhibit Hall in terrible shape for exploring and I thought it would be a grand idea to check out the Celebration Store, a convention run store chock full of exclusive items. We headed for the Hall A entrance as the signs designated, only to find out that you had to enter via Hall B from the friendly convention center staff member attending the doors.

We headed for Hall B, then walked all the way down to the Hall A store entrance from inside the exhibit hall to discover that the store was “temporarily closed” to “maybe restock”.

We didn’t attempt to visit the Celebration Store again for the remainder of the weekend.

Instead, we bought my wife the new and somewhat improved Con Survival Bag of Holding at ThinkGeek and got some cool Star Wars Stormtrooper air fresheners by saying the secret phrase of the day. Attempts at secret phrases for the remainder of the weekend were met with “Sorry, we ran out.”

Next we visited the Disney XD booth and posed with the Rebels cast mannequins. It turned out a cool shot I thought.

We headed upstairs to the Digital Stage queue for another fun filled line before a panel. This line was for Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo discussing The Untold Clone Wars. The Clone Wars series was canceled abruptly after Disney acquired Lucasfilm, presumably due to Cartoon Network being a direct competitor. Disney offered some of the finished portions of further episodes as “The Lost Missions” on NetFlix but Filoni and Hidalgo brought along unfinished animation clips, concept art and tales of what might of been for even further “missing” episodes that would have happened in Seasons 6 and 7 of the series. They showed a battle between Asajj Ventress and Ashoka Tano, a clip of Cad Bane teaming up with Boba Fett and a clip of the Bad Batch clone troopers as well as concept art for lots of other stuff. It was a good panel but I had a lot of trouble concentrating due to exhaustion and my wife was having trouble breathing.

The Untold Clone Wars ended our convention day for Thursday or as I like to put it, the longest day and the darkest night. Thursday was an amazing day with two awesome panels the caliber of which we don’t normally see at conventions. I was excited for what Friday and the rest of the weekend would bring but utterly exhausted as well.

We hung out at the hotel for a bit and traded tales with Drew about The Force Awakens panel and trailer and the other cool stuff we did throughout the day. Drew ended up being our man on the floor for the weekend, capturing shots of a ton of great cosplay and things we didn’t end up getting to see while we waited in queue lines for other things.

Eventually before the three of us fell over, we decided to head to Portillo’s for dinner. I had a beef and sausage sandwich, Drew had the same. My wife had a croissant with beef and cheese. I question her judgment on that one but admit that the fatigue probably had something to do with it. It was an awesome meal even though I couldn’t remove the bread from it.

I vaguely remember going back to Wal-Mart afterward. I don’t remember why or if we bought anything.

I don’t really remember the next couple of hours of sleep. I do remember stepping out of the shower onto around a quarter inch of water throughout the bathroom floor though. I had apparently shaved and showered but I don’t think I used the shower curtain. The remainder of the night was a restless sleep so that I could hear if my wife or our friend stirred to warn them so they didn’t slip and hurt themselves in the lake I had inadvertently created.

We also found out from Drew that Dave Filoni, showrunner and producer for The Clone Wars and Rebels, would be doing a signing of an exclusive poster in the Hasbro booth at 10am. There went any semblance of sleeping in Friday morning!

My wife and I queued early and headed straight for the Hasbro booth. The line didn’t seem that long so we felt like we had a good chance. We checked out the Furbacca while we were in line. A woman got inside the giant Furbacca and moved around in it. It was a sight to behold.

Drew caught up with us near the front of the line and said hello. Sadly, the line got cut four people in front of us so we brought home unsigned posters. Still a cool teaser poster for Season 2 nonetheless.

We ate at the White Rabbit Filipino food truck for lunch. I had beef and rice. My wife had chicken and rice. We split an Italian Ice from another food truck. It was edible and stomach filling. It was a better choice than many others in the alley of food trucks. I’m glad she found it.

We ended up going to the autograph area next and got in line to meet Ian McDiarmid (Sheev Palpatine). It was a shortish line, probably about 30 minutes so my spirits were high when we entered Kenny Baker’s line a bit later. Baker played R2-D2 in the first six films and has been replaced by an actual droid for The Force Awakens. His health is failing and it definitely showed throughout the event. He didn’t attend on Thursday and had just arrived minutes before we joined his line on Friday. All was going well in his queue as well until the line suddenly stopped and we all slowly realized it was because the VIP folks were skipping the queue. Even that was okay until a lone guy in a Joe Montana jersey showed up in the VIP queue and had forty autograph coupons, delaying the line for around 90 additional minutes.

All that would have been fine but the OfficialPix representative who around 80 minutes into the one guy getting his signatures came over and explained what was happening and “he paid for the autographs so there is nothing I can do.” There are words for that lack of customer service. I reserved them for the post convention survey.

We did indeed get Kenny Baker’s autograph. He was so out of it that while he vaguely understood the guy in front of us talking about magic shows and a book an illusionist wrote that had Baker in it, his only comment to us was “Do you like magic shows?” I felt bad for the man. He’s 80 years old, obviously not in good condition to be sitting at a table signing autographs for a full convention and there’s a line a mile long to get his scrawl on 8x10s.

The Baker line and Montana jersey guy had sucked the fun and mystique out of the Celebration for me, if only for a short period of time.

Thankfully, our next queue, a photo opportunity with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, was handled much better by the folks at Epic Photo Ops.

The photo op queue was in the main queue room for the exhibit hall. They even provided chairs for folks to relax as they waited. The photo op process once the line started moving was incredibly efficient and we got our photo right then and there as we left. I failed to read the directions properly or we would have immediately obtained our jpeg copy in my email inbox as well by “scanning out” our photo and receipt.

If I took everything OfficialPix was doing wrong and did the exact opposite, that was the experience we had with Epic Photo Ops.

10691760_1621164958128815_669883291_nYes, we did the thing. We took an awesome photo (actually a few seconds after a slightly less awesome, Hamill and my wife not in position shot) with Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. Imagine us flailing in excitement except we were too tired to do so as we sauntered out of the exhibit hall and back to the hotel.

We decompressed a bit and Drew excitedly compared his newly acquired Cantina exclusive Celebration Sabaac deck with the one he had created himself using still screenshots from the Rebels episode Idiot’s Array. Drew’s deck with its darker color scheme and slightly cooler face card designs won me over in a direct comparison, but it didn’t stop me from asking one of the Cantina staff for an “official” deck later in the weekend.

Guess what? We ended up at Portillo’s for dinner again! I had a salad this time and some cheese fries. My wife had a salad as well. Drew had a couple of those same sandwiches from the night before. All of it was good again. We returned to Wal-Mart again too. It was pretty deja vu actually.

We also ended up at Target and another Wal-Mart before heading home. I purchased a crazy 90’s style shark shirt. Drew got a cool Vader playing card shirt. It was a good shopping excursion and dinner for all.

By Saturday, I was already tired of queuing. We only queued for 90 minutes for the New Allies and Villains in Rebels Season 2 panel. My wife and I had hoped for Sarah Michelle Gellar to make an appearance as she did some voice acting for Season 2 and her husband was already going to be on the panel. She wasn’t there, likely because she had come down with strep throat. So it probably is a good thing she wasn’t there.

The panel consisted of Dave Filoni, fellow producer Simon Kinberg and voice actors Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger), Tiya Sircar (Sabine Wren), Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla), Freddie Prinze Jr (Kanan Jarrus) and Steve Blum (Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios). They did a moderated Q&A with James Arnold Taylor asking questions for around 30 minutes. Then they showed the Season 2 trailer and it was both action packed and revealed a ton of guest characters returning to the show from The Clone Wars and possibly elsewhere. They brought out Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka) and Dee Bradley Baker (Rex) to round out the panel and answer some questions as to how and why they were back and how excited to be back they were after an undetermined fate following the abrupt ending to The Clone Wars.

It was another well done panel with the exception of the lame fan Q&A in the last ten minutes or so but at least the lame stuff happened at the very end and not for half the panel or more like we see at other conventions.

We walked around outside a bit and had lunch again before heading inside, seeing a fun Vader is Lord faux religious protest overtake the actual Jesus religious protests and some cool Rebels cosplay while we were outside. Sadly while others got to take selfies with JJ Abrams in the same area, we never stumbled upon him out there.

We queued for our Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker photo ops and got great shots with both of them. Despite a mishap with our ticket for Kenny Baker, they let us go through and fixed it afterward, another great customer service example from Epic Photo Ops.

We attempted to get a viewing angle for the Rebels Red Carpet presentation but never could. Since the Rebels Season 2 special presentation queue was already closed with notices that it was at capacity, we headed to the Celebration Stage queue for the double feature panel of James Arnold Taylor’s one man show, “Talking to Myself” followed by a discussion with Mark Hamill.

Taylor’s panel was part inspirational and part instructional, talking about how he became a voice actor and how he did so many voices usually by just slightly changing the tone of his own voice. It was a great exploration into the life of a voice actor from a high enough level that it was still entertaining and good for the entire family.

Hamill’s panel was great. My favorite joke he told was about the outtakes from his recent re-recording of lines from Return of the Jedi for The Force Awakens second teaser. “My father had, I mean, HAS it. I have it. My sister has it. My certified public accountant has it. The weird guy down the street who keeps looking into our windows at night has it. The one eyed raccoon that keeps going through our garbage has it. And YOU have it.”

I liked that Taylor and Hamill discussed Hamill’s post-Star Wars voice, television and video game acting as well, going as far as to show a clip from DC’s The Flash which shocked me a bit as it both isn’t a Disney property and also isn’t really a family friendly show.

The Hamill panel ended our Saturday, which seemed to go by faster and with a much more positive spin than the previous night. Drew spent the night with his Star Wars author friends, getting acquainted and reacquainted and having an awesome time. My wife and I had Del Taco and collapsed.

On Sunday, we were prepared to spend as long as we needed to in line to get autographs from the Rebels cast. We also had Anthony Daniels’ autograph to obtain and hopefully Ashley Eckstein as well. We started in Daniels’ line after I took a third failed selfie with Daniels in the main queue line. It was awesome that C3PO aka #CP3O was kind enough to start out each morning with a visit and greeting to the main queue line for the exhibit hall.

We ended up bailing and jumping in the Rebels queue in fears it would close before we got into it.

My wife took a brief break from the queue and returned from “the bathroom” with the Ewok tee shirt I couldn’t find in my size all weekend. I have the best wife ever!

After four hours of waiting we reached the front of the queue line. We could see Vanessa, Taylor, Tiya and Steve and then… it happened.

The 501st Legion decided to pick RIGHT THEN to induct Vanessa Marshall as an honorary member. Our hopes of not having to wait until the Rebels cast returned from an hour break were falling. My wife decided to make lemonade out of the lemons they were serving us and asked Dave Filoni to sign our program. The rock star that runs Star Wars Rebels was as polite as could be and said sure with a smile. He’s awesome.

Eventually things returned to normal and we got autographs and quick selfies with each cast member. My wife eventually regained her composure enough to ask Steve Blum what he hoped was next in his character arc. He replied in Zeb’s voice “I’m hoping for a hot girlfriend for Zeb.”

We returned to Anthony Daniels’ queue triumphantly but exhausted. We got his autograph and decided on a Plan B to waiting in the huge line for Ashley Eckstein. We had neglected Peter Mayhew for far too many conventions. It was time to give Chewbacca his medal, or at least fifty dollars worth of autograph tickets.

Mayhew’s autograph was the last official purchase we made at Star Wars Celebration. We did our “end of convention” run through the convention hall snatching up swag where appropriate and exploring the regions we’d just never made it to prior. We met up with Drew and fellow Star Wars author Abel Pena and said our goodbyes to them and the exhibit hall.

Our end to Star Wars Celebration was taking photos with the Endor backdrop and then the Celebration Red Carpet/Disney XD Rebels backdrop before disappearing into the Anaheim evening.

In all, we queued for around 38 hours over a four day time period. The once in a lifetime experiences and “in the room” moments were well worth that queue time.

Outside of poor customer service from OfficialPix and one greedy autograph obtainer, I only had a brief run in with an inconsiderate guy and his son who skipped the bathroom stall line. Every other person we encountered were awesome. It was a great celebration of fandom, just as the title of the convention advertised.

In the event that Star Wars Celebration returns to California in the future, I’d strongly consider attending. I just wouldn’t preorder autographs or photo ops as I felt like we missed a lot of things we would have otherwise checked out.

Thankfully around 30 hours of Celebration was simulcast on YouTube and I have all of that archived to look forward to enjoying what we missed some time in the future.


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