Epic Pi Day

Saturday was a big day. Once every century, the date allows one to spell out the first five digits of Pi all day and the first ten for a single second. I decided it would be cool to do a “pie crawl” in celebration of the momentus occasion.

We set out for the Mission district in San Francisco and took a short detour before the pie crawl to the Friends of the Public Library warehouse on Treat Street. They were selling science fiction comics and magazines at 25 cents a piece and had some awesome books you couldn’t even buy in the United States. Copies of 2000 AD books, Radio Times, Indian Comics and more international flavor were mixed in with Animation Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and your standard DC and Marvel flair. A copy of a Cher comic caught my eye and my wife flipped through a few magazines but we left empty handed. It was really cool to browse the collection of books and magazines though to start our day.

Our first stop on the Pie Crawl was Pig and Pie on 24th Street. We had brunch there and shared a slice of chocolate bottomed oatmeal and coconut pie. I had a traditional English Breakfast. Two eggs, a sausage and beans with fruit substituted for avocado spread toast. I have kept up the nonbread diet for the past couple of weeks. My wife had a tasty looking bacon biscuit benedict with poached eggs and a bacon biscuit sandwich. Hers also had a big side of home fried potatoes.

It was a tasty brunch and we barely had room for our next stop on the crawl. We met up with some friends at Pig and Pie and headed a few blocks away to 25th and Mission and hopped in line at Mission Pie.

The line at Mission Pie was kind of crazy but not as bad as I expected. One friend who had eaten a hot dog while we had brunch at Pig and Pie didn’t feel like waiting and departed. After around 15 minutes of waiting, an employee came out and moved the line away from blocking other businesses on the block to the shade on the opposite side of the building. That made the wait a lot more tolerable. After around 45 minutes, we were able to make selections. One friend got a chicken pot pie and a slice of walnut pie. Another got a tasty looking ham and bean pastry. My wife and I shared a slice of dutch apple pie, me with the apples and her with the crust mostly, and a scoop of Straus vanilla ice cream.

Stop #3 on the Pie Crawl was Pi Bar, again just a couple of blocks away. They opened at 3:14pm and the tables filled up as we walked in at the end of the line. We decided to abort the pizza slice special we were going to get there. One friend said his goodbyes and the other went with us to Blue Line Pizza in Daly City and we had an awesome concluding stop 3.14 on our pie crawl. My wife got an express chicken and spinach deep dish pizza. Our friend had an express pizza of his own. I got a bacon and blue salad. It was a great meal.

Pie Crawl Stop #3.14 Spinach and Chicken Pizza Pie at Blue Line Pizza in Daly City

A photo posted by @exej on

We picked up our car at Daly City BART and said goodbye to our remaining friend. We headed south to Isle of Gamers’ grand opening in Santa Clara where we said hello to yet another friend. Isle of Gamers had very inflated prices for a friendly local game store and is a bit too far away for us, but they are open until 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays, which is cool for folks in the area who want to game long into the night.

Again after a brief browse time hang with our friend, we said our goodbyes and ended up going to Fry’s Electronics and browsing for a bit while digesting from our pie crawl. We ended up going to Armadillo Willy’s and I loaded up on a tasty assortment of meat proteins for dinner. I had baby back ribs, beef brisket and cowboy sausage with a few beans and a small green salad. It was a big dinner but I really needed that protein fix.

We stopped by Wal-Mart and Target in Mountain View in search of a shaker bottle but couldn’t find the perfect one. My wife did find some good purchases at Target though. I guess I helped a little bit.

It was an epic day out with friends and shopping. Couldn’t have asked for a better Pi Day.

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