Low Key But Rewarding

My wife thought it would be a good idea for me to document the little events that have made up the past couple of weeks, including Trio Sentier with Marika Hughes, and Game Loading: Rise of the Indies.

10955270_1563889643869288_1676777307_nOn February 26, we returned to Duende to see New York based cellist Marika Hughes and her hastily formed Trio Sentier.  Marika brought out two other New York based songwriters, Morley and Christelle and they played as a trio accompanying each other on each individual’s songs.  The show we saw was only the second show they’d played together and it was already a fun experience.  It is always great to see Marika and hear her play and the other two songwriters had some great songs and brought a good vibe to the room as well.

On March 3-5, we watched a lot of a streaming telethon to raise funds for Lupus research.  Geek and Sundry, the awesome web content company founded by Felicia Day, started their own Twitch Channel and christened their studio with a 48 hour straight marathon of gameplay, singing, dancing, celebrity appearances and fun costumes, all in support of the Lupus Foundation of America and in honor of Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon, who has Lupus.

On March 5, we kind of invaded GDC, well after it was over, but we were among GDC attendees for the second premiere screening of Game Loading: Rise of the Indies, a documentary in the vein of Indie Game: The Movie but from a couple of years later.  It depicted an accurate tale of success and failure of indie developers in the midst of the internet turmoil of current events, and the rebuilding of the community that came during and afterward.  Its discussion of struggle that didn’t quite transcend to pride in eventual accomplishment like Indie Game: The Movie did, but it was a well put together documentary.  My favorite part was their inclusion of clips of games from developers who supported their crowd-funding effort to make the documentary.  We’ve already acquired Ring Run Circus on our iPad and have a short list of other interesting looking games to check out from the movie and its end credits:

Ring Run Circus – Kalio
Draw A Box – InJoyLabs
Gargula: Bloodrush – Paranormal Games
Bento Box Shapes – Two Bulls
Spectrum – Mido Basim
Collateral – Dancing Dinosaurs Games
The Endless Forest – Tale of Tales
Maddening Relapse – NAL Games
Move Or Die – Those Awesome Guys

March 6-8 we watched some PAX East concerts and panels, including MC Frontalot’s set, the PAXAMANIA panel, which did a better fake wrestling presentation than the current WWE stuff I’ve been watching recently, and LoadingReadyRun’s panel.

I played through and finished the main story of Fantasy Life, an awesome lite RPG game that feels like a miniature cartoon version of Skyrim on my 3DS.  It was a fantastic way to spend 11 hours and 15 minutes and I look forward to returning to some of the side quests in the future.

We played through the Mousehunt Valentine’s Event, Lunar New Year Event and 7th Birthday Event.

It is strange that a passive game like Mousehunt still gathers our attention after all this time.

We helped fund the Cmoar Virtual Reality Headset on Kickstarter and Con Man on IndieGoGo.

And I stopped eating bread… for now.

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