Top Things of 2014

Every year I do one of these posts.  I posted in the blog a lot less this year due to other activities taking up my time, but I have pulled together a list of some of my favorite things and biggest disappointments of the year and will likely be posting plenty more in 2015.  I’ve tried to stress quality over quantity in 2014 with my own posts.  Let’s see how the rest of the world’s consumer product fairs in my completely biased poll:

Top Albums of 2014:
1. Deadmau5: while (1<2)
2. The Crystal Method: The Crystal Method
3. TV on the Radio: Seeds

Runner Up: Knife Party: Abandon Ship

Biggest album disappointment of 2014: La Roux: Trouble in Paradise

Top TV of 2014:
1. South Park
2. Star Wars: Rebels
3. Selfie

Runner Up: Agents of Shield

Biggest TV disappointment of 2014: Doctor Who

Top Movies of 2014:
1. The Lego Movie
2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
3. Guardians of the Galaxy

Biggest movie disappointment of 2014: Not that many movies I wanted to see in 2014

Top live concerts of 2014:
1. Poe at the Sayer’s Club
2. Danny Elfman + The Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra at Nokia Theater
3. Atticus Ross/Claudia Sarne/Leopold Ross/Kirk Hellie at Grammy Museum

Runner Up: Vienna Teng x2 at Freight and Salvage

Biggest live concert disappointment of 2014: Queen + Adam Lambert

10601917_515036305295718_1781658860_nCoolest gadgets of 2014:
1. Google Cardboard
2. Google ADT-1
3. Unbranded Products Windows 8 Tablet

Close runner up which will likely be a huge factor in 2015: New Nintendo 3DS XL

I also really love my Ouya.

Biggest fandom stuff this year:
1. Meeting Hulk Hogan
2. Playing Slap .45 with David Malki, Max Temkin, Brad O’Farrell, Kevin Chang and more at TableFlip
3. Having people become fans of my first ever board game, Ingress: The Relic

There were MANY other awesome fandom moments in 2014.  It was a good year to be a fan of just about anything.  Lots more in store for 2015 as well.

Best games of 2014:
1. Monument Valley
2. South Park: The Stick of Truth
3. Hungry Shark Evolution

Honorable mentions: Many Ouya games.  I love Duck Game, Heroes of Loot, Towerfall, No Brakes Valet and Magnetic By Nature most but there are tons of high quality great games on the Ouya platform.

Overall, it was a tremendous year, full of great and not so great things and while I’m happy to see 2015 begin, looking back and making this list of awesome things that happened in 2014 helps me realize how great our adventures are and what fun experiences we have had throughout the year.

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