Hall and Oates, PINS, and Treasure Island Music Festival

On Friday night after work, we braved the cable car up California Street for an excellent performance by Daryl Hall and John Oates.

The crowd were into cheering, sometimes for the Giants, sometimes for the band, sometimes for… I’m really not sure.  We were without a car, so the show starting later due to an opening act wasn’t exactly what was in our plans.

Opening act Mutlu got the crowd going when he performed Caramel, a song he has performed multiple times with Amos Lee.  Amos Lee, Mutlu, and Daryl and John all hail from Philadelphia, which is how Mutlu ended up opening for them on this tour.

Hall and Oates started out their set with an excellent version of Maneater, complete with an awesome sax solo by Charles DeChant, who has toured with the band since before I was born.  He’s an excellent musician and showman, and one-upped both Hall and Oates multiple times throughout the night.

The show continued on with Out of Touch, and then ventured into a mix of classic 70s and 80s songs, as well as some of the newer material Hall and Oates have produced.  It was a lot different than the “greatest hits” set at last year’s Outside Lands, a show that Hall and Oates didn’t even recall playing.  After what I’d call the “middle” portion of the show, they returned to songs I was super familiar with with She’s Gone and Sara Smiles before Do What You Want, Be What You Are and closing out the main set with I Can’t Go For That.

Sadly, during I Can’t Go For That, my knee was really hurting, so while I heard the music for the remainder of the show and liked what I heard, I was in too much pain to really enjoy the double encore.  Four great songs, with a pause after the first two:  Rich Girl, You Make My Dreams, Kiss On My List and Private Eyes.

Overall, it was a great performance, a high energy set by guys that have been touring since the mid-70s, and a great way to spend a Friday night.

We arranged a ride home with a friend who was seeing a show across town at The Rickshaw Stop.  We ended up walking over which both helped and hurt my sore knee.  The main act hadn’t gone on yet when we arrived, so we went in and saw Manchester UK’s PINS perform a headlining set.  PINS were doing their fourth ever headlining US tour date, and the four girls said near the end of the show that San Francisco was their favorite crowd so far.

I enjoyed their set, which included a bunch of new songs they are working on for their second album, as well as tracks from Girls Like Us and their two EPs.  It was a pretty good show and I was able to use a glass of ice to calm my knee pain down a bit.

Me and my knee had a big challenge for the weekend.

We headed to Treasure Island pretty early on Saturday and caught a portion of Painted Palms’ opening set on the Bridge Stage, and then watched the silhouette of Tobacco perform on the Tunnel Stage.  We found our sit and chill area near the Bandwagon SF stage.  There were picnic tables and shade, two awesome things for a festival, and there always seemed to be room there for us to sit and recharge a bit.  Ratking played the Bridge Stage and I checked them out for a few minutes.  XXYYXX was next on the Tunnel Stage .  So far, as predicted, nothing came out of any of their sets that made me want to check out more of their music.

I used the porta potty and checked out Tom Thump, spinning at the Silent Frisco Silent Disco Stage to folks jamming along with headphones on.  We didn’t go into the Silent Disco, but it seemed folks were having a good time all weekend.

After a potty break, we headed back to the Bridge Stage, and took shelter under the shade of one of the few trees to stage right awaiting MØ to take the stage.

When she did take the stage, the show was awesome.  Definitely the highlight of day one!  MØ performed a bunch of tracks from her debut album, No Mythologies to Follow.  MØ was wearing an eye patch not to look like a pirate, but due to an eye infection.  She didn’t let it hamper her though, and even crowd surfed briefly at one point in the set.

We caught a bit of Fou Fou Ha performing in front of the Bandwagon SF Stage after MØ’s set, while Ana Tijoux performed on the Tunnel Stage. We took the time she was on stage to split an Ebbett’s On the Go Cuban sandwich.

I headed back to the Bridge Stage to see Jungle perform, and was sadly disappointed in their set except for the final song, Time, which was their big breakout single.

Ryan Hemsworth was next on the Tunnel Stage and while his set started out strong, I ended up pretty disappointed after the first couple of songs, and gladly made my way to secure a good spot in front of the soundboard for Janelle Monae’s set on the Bridge Stage.

Janelle Monae was essentially the reason we were going to the Treasure Island Festival.  We had said it was for the headliners but it was “Wow, we’ll finally get to see Janelle Monae” that was the main selling point.  Sadly, her set was plagued with sound problems.  Her mic didn’t work at all during the first song.  When they finally got it working, everything else got turned down.  The backing vocals were still louder than her.  It was disappointing, but she did put on a great set of songs from her albums as well as a great James Brown cover midway through.  I would have loved to have seen her with awesome sound, and I’m sure we’ll get the opportunity to see her again in the future.

We wandered around a bit after Janelle Monae as Classixx played an unremarkable set on the Tunnel Stage.  We ended up at The Grove and visited the Box Theater Oakland box truck, featuring a ten minute short film about spoilers, and how some spoilers are worse than others.

There was a second box truck by Outer Body which looked fun, but I was super tired and my knee was no longer happy with me.

We wandered a bit more and saw a bit of Zedd’s set on the Bridge Stage, or at least the bright lights emanating from that side of the island.  His set was curiously missing any Zedd songs.  We stayed for some pyro, but when he started playing Coldplay, my mind was made up that we should leave.

We rested a bit near The Grove and debated whether we really wanted to stay several more hours to hear the two songs we were familiar with by Outkast.  We decided to head home instead.

When we got home, Palladia was having their Maximum 80’s weekend, so we got to watch highlights from the 80’s Rewind Festival 2014. We still got some music festival, just from the comfort of our own home.

We headed back to Treasure Island on Sunday, arriving in time to hear most of White Denim’s hyped and not worthy set from the Bridge Stage.

We hung out a lot at the Bandwagon SF stage, which was really our Treasure Island version of The Barbery in the end.  We ended up catching some of Master Blaster G’s performance on that stage, and a full set by Shovelman.  Our only other real music experience in the early afternoon was Banks on the Bridge Stage.  I liked her performance of the song Goddess but otherwise, Banks just isn’t my thing.  Young goth girl is done much better by other artists.

We also could hear Asgeir’s cover of Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana, which he and his band performed on the Tunnel Stage while we were waiting for Banks to start.  It was passable but the rest of his set was not.

The Growlers and New Pornographers performed while we hung out at the Bandwagon SF stage.  Chet Faker performed while we ate dinner.  I had a great grilled ham and swiss sandwich from Sauvorie Streets, and my wife had some Gerald’s Paella.  She managed to see The Sexy Sax Man’s shenanigans during a bathroom break.

We caught some of TV on the Radio’s Bridge Stage set while waiting for Poliça to take over the Tunnel Stage.  TV on the Radio performed really well and I may go back and revisit some of their material.  They have a lot of talent.

Poliça slayed everyone.  They were awesome.  Absolutely the best performance we saw at the festival.  Between MØ and Poliça alone we got our money’s worth for the festival.  It was an awesome cap to a great weekend.

My knee finally gave out just before Poliça went on, so after their set, a mix of songs from their first two albums and a couple of new songs as well, we retreated home.

Yes, we missed Massive Attack.  It is okay that we missed them.  We had a great weekend full of awesome music and fun.

Treasure Island is a great music venue.  I wish they did more shows out there.

My knee is doing a bit better after resting it at work all day.

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