SF Sketchfest Post #8 – Set List/Bring the Rock

An evening with Gilbert Gottfried, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Matt Nathanson.

We battled lots of rain on Saturday night, and in most cases the rain won. The downpour would have been a
lot worse had we stayed in the city between Top Secret! and our evening events. A voice told me that was a bad idea in my head, so we rested for a couple of hours first, and then headed back out, this time via car, for North Beach and Cobb’s Comedy Club.

We found parking in a garage with an awesome view on the roof that ended up costing $24, and had a nice meal at Calzone’s, followed by dessert at Stella’s, the bakery next door.

Our seats weren’t quite as good as the ones we had for Michael Winslow, but weren’t bad once we were seated for Set List. The premise of the show was that comics would do stand up based on random dumb stuff posted on the screen behind them.

The first guy got “Electioncution” as his first topic and instead talked about electrocution. The second guy just swore a lot and said he was in a bad mood and slammed shit around, potentially breaking a mic stand in the process. A girl followed them and followed her set list pretty well. My wife suspects they were just being easy on her.

Gilbert Gottfried was up next and got such stupid topics as “I collect Nazi memorabilia” and “Autofellatiocorrect”. He still did his best to work with the material presented to him and it was great to see him onstage. We only attended the Set List show for the opportunity to see Gilbert because his solo standup show was a conflict with Friday night’s Jake Fogelnest show.

Bobcat Goldthwait was up next and was also quite funny given shitty material to work with. Set List would work a lot better if it was a bit more audience participation like Whose Line Is It Anyway, and a lot less comedian in the back thinking a stereotypical race joke or dick joke is the funniest thing ever.

A dude impersonating Mark Wahlberg and a British dude followed. They weren’t all that great.

The closing performance by Australian Will “Be The Baby Killer” Andersen was hilarious.

IMG_20140208_215054[1]Post-show, we bought autographed copies of a Gilbert DVD and his latest book, and got to take a picture with him. He has played a lot of roles in life but we loved him best as Iago in the Disney Aladdin cartoons.

Then we stood in the rain for what felt like hours.

The people in front of us had no umbrella. A dude was selling them for $5. They finally gave in after half an hour or so.

When we got back inside, our autograph on our DVD was super smudged. Oh well. Some of my wife’s leftover dinner got on the book as well. No matter. Iago deserves the gas money!

Our second show at Cobb’s had us seated in the same seats at the same table. It was Bring the Rock featuring The Reigning Monarchs. I had heard of the band via someone I follow on Google+ and was excited to get to see them play. They do instrumental surf tunes and I really like that type of music.

They only did two songs.

Some not very funny woman did a butchering of a Beyonce song in the crowd, and ended it with a wardrobe malfunction in an attendee’s lap. The crowd liked it, but they don’t know about the magnificence that is Storm Large.

Bobcat returned and told stories about touring with Nirvana and Cheap Trick, before the Monarchs did “Surrender” with him pretending to play guitar.

He also told a great story about Nickleback when they were on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Their manager told him never to shoot their lead singer in profile because he had a big nose. So the credits were rolling and there were ten seconds left, he had all seven cameras focus on the nose, and made a montage that faded to black.

Another girl did a few songs. Nothing that great, but a lot less insanity than the first woman.

Matt Nathanson was up next. He told a few stories that were probably the funniest stuff of the night, and then covered the Kinks.

Up last was Chris Hardwick who brought some decent stories with him, and did an interesting version of “Dead or Alive.”

The Bring the Rock show felt like a bunch of comics playing Rock Band. I could do that at home. Matt Nathanson really brought his A-game though, which made it worthwhile.

The best performance of the night goes to Kylie the sign language interpreter, who really made the Set List show better than it would have been. Who knew having a hearing impaired person in the audience for a comedy show would result in hilarity?

We made it home through even more rain, and have just one more Sketchfest show tomorrow afternoon.

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