SF Sketchfest Post #7 – Top Secret!


It has been thirty years since David and Jerry Zucker collaborated with Jim Abrahams, and brought Val Kilmer to the screen as American Skeet Surf Rocker Nick Rogers in Top Secret!

The film is still just as funny as it was the million or so times it ran on HBO…and later USA Network, when I was a kid.

This afternoon was the first time that I have experienced the movie with a live audience on a big screen, and even though I love the film, being in a great audience made it even better.

Unlike the Napoleon Dynamite event, all of the scheduled guests were there for the Q&A, which had two Zuckers, an Abrahams, and a Paul Scheer as moderator.

Having Scheer as moderator was great as he is a parody writer, director and star.  He asked good questions and drove the conversation well.  The three directors shared fun stories, like how the origin of Skeet Surfing came from doing press in Europe for Airplane!, and seeing which lies they could get printed.  They talked about their films, their interest in their home state of Wisconsin, and their disinterest in making an Airplane! sequel.  They did have an idea for one that involved mashing up the characters from Airplane! and The Godfather though, which sounded like it could have been a fun concept.

They got a good length of time to talk, and I am really glad we got to go.

We also got to share a great meal at Marcello’s Pizza across the street from the Castro Theater with a good friend, whose cheesy calzone and drink choice of Hawaiian Punch were an excellent complement to the film.  He joined us for the screening and Q&A as well.  Yay social gathering and fandom intermingling!

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