SF Sketchfest Post #4 – Sound Effects Summit with Rhys Darby and Michael Winslow

Preshow dinner at Pellegrini. I ordered my food (meat ravioli, very tasty) and recognized the voice of the black man sitting two tables over. It was Michael Winslow, the guy I am going to see at Cobb’s in a couple of hours.

He told the guys he is here with that he saw Anthony Bourdain visit this place on a show he rented on Hulu.

It appears to be a business dinner. After ten minutes and Winslow saying his favorite Saturday morning show as a kid was Thunderbirds, they have switched the pitch idea to something else.

Winslow resurfaced thanks to a gig on the Jimmy Fallon show doing car sounds for skits.

He got his first break on the Gong Show when he was doing comedy at the Palomino Club and Chuck Barris’ people encouraged him to try out. He used the money he won to buy a car and lived in it until he got a job.

He was in Up in Smoke and they don’t have scripts for those movies. They had cartoon storyboards. He switched between his voice and imitating Cheech and Chong to tell them the story.

He switched to a Italian accent when the waiters serenaded someone’s birthday.

He switched to Yoda to ask for his check.

I ordered dessert, a very fresh cannoli.

He said beatboxing originated from a throwaway scene he did in a movie that ended up being cut into a TV show instead.

He did some voices from Police Academy and Fatboys before they left and he said Ciao in an Italian accent on the way out.

Cool stuff.

IMG_20140131_185254[1]The show was opened by a stand up comic from New York who was not very funny and didn’t do any sound effects. I know his first name was Jimmy but I don’t recall his last name. No need to look it up, he wasn’t funny.

Jimmy introduced Rhys Darby.

Rhys Darby focused on the London Olympics and how he got to go to New Zealand’s rather crap events for Equestrian. He talked about how guys look for things by doing a quick left and right look and girls do a bit of a dance. He ended with a search and rescue mission with helicopter sound effects. Not much as far as sound effects from him as a part of the sound effects summit.

Michael Winslow did Noizeyman, flight attendant annoyance with Jonathan Winters, Led Zeppelin, Star Trek harassing his brother, Star Wars scene, how he got kicked out of home depot, Price scanner at Walmart, vibrator noises, Jimi Hendrix, Louis Armstrong and Iz mixed in Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Darby and Winslow improv to end the night with UFO crash landing…or was it an Amazon drone delivering the Encyclopedia Brittanica? It was a hoot.

Overall, Winslow was the main attraction and his set was outstanding. I wish we’d have gotten two hours with him rather than a 50 minute set and filler from Rhys and Jimmy. I still had a great time and with the added bonus of dinner where Winslow ate, I certainly was entertained throughout the night.

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