SF Sketchfest Post #1 – Napoleon Dynamite


Thursday night was the first night of San Francisco Sketchfest 13.  We had tickets to the first event, a tenth anniversary screening of Napoleon Dynamite.

The screening was to include a bit of a reunion with the actors who played Napoleon, Uncle Rico and Pedro attending.

Due to some unforeseen circumstance, the only actor able to make it was Jon Heder, who played Napoleon Dynamite himself.

Watching the movie ten years on, it retains the charm and 90’s nostalgia that it had when it came out.  It is a very good movie and the crowd was great.

Unfortunately, my mind was elsewhere for most of the event.  While I enjoyed it, with a clear head it may have been even better.

The credits started rolling just before 8:30 with When In Rome’s “The Promise” over them.  They stopped pretty abruptly though and an announcer welcomed surprise guest Clive Farrington, the lead vocalist for the original When in Rome, to sing the song live to us.  That was an awesome surprise!

The Q&A with Jon Heder was also pretty well done, with questions about the movie and the production behind it as well as touching on his later voice acting career, the Napoleon Dynamite cartoon and his family life.  The woman that hosts This American Life on NPR was the moderator.

They also talked about “Paluca,” the student film that inspired Napoleon Dynamite.  I filed that away for later to see if it was watchable online.

Tenacious D had a show after the Napoleon Dynamite screening, so they ended the Q&A kind of abruptly and we filed out as lines formed for The D.

lafawdahMy wife snapped a couple of photos of a couple dressed up as Kip and Deb on the way out.

It was a fun fandom/comedy event.

Afterward we had a tasty late dinner at Orphan Andy’s and headed home.

When we got home, I did indeed find “Paluca” online and it surprisingly contained a ton of the elements from the feature film in just under 8 minutes of run time.  Some things were different as well but it was definitely a strong foundation for what was to come.

I also watched TV appearances Heder has done in character to promote the DVD and the cartoon to cap off the night.

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