Vienna Teng at the Throckmorton

This weekend was one of those weekends full of friends and music and food and I am writing this at a point where physically and mentally I am quite far beyond the term I would classify as exhausted.

It was time for what has become a late December tradition: the Vienna Teng Holiday Concert Series.

Friday afternoon, I left work a little bit early and carpooled with friends to the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley.

The Mill Valley show was a truly solo Vienna Teng show and she stripped her tools down to a piano, a looper and two microphones.  No keyboard, no guitar, though both were backstage.

The combination made the show a bit more “dangerous”.

I set up merch but Vienna reset it to take advantage of the table space and showcase Aims a bit more.  We were running dangerously low on Warm Strangers and Dreaming Through the Noise CDs and ended up selling them out at the show.

I didn’t expect it, but the Mill Valley show ended up being my favorite show of the holiday series.  Vienna was on top of her game and took guidance in a mystical napkin of songs gathered together from the friends and fans who were there prior to doors opening for a good portion of the show.

It felt like an early career Vienna Teng show in a bit bigger venue with some newer songs blended in and it felt really good to be there.

Pre-show we shared a nice Italian dinner from Vasco and post-show a small group of fans had another nice Italian dinner at Marin Joe’s.

It was a great night out and I went home expecting the weekend at Freight and Salvage to be even better.

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