South Park Season 17

Due to a misplaced item and a bout with illness we canceled our plans to attend a few events this weekend.  This allowed us time to do a bunch of things.

One of those things was watching the entirety of Season 17 of South Park.  We got to watch the first eight episodes of the season via and the other 2 via YouTube and most of it uncensored.  It was a very different experience but also very enjoyable.

You’d think a show like South Park would have lost its spark after being on the air for so long.  I still remember a time not that long ago when the only way my wife and I could watch the show was crappy realmedia streams.

Now you can watch almost every episode uncensored in 480p or 720p on the studio website.

The season kept up the formula of current events parody with the same characters we have grown to love over the years.  The show is still relevant and still just as funny as ever.

There were some great episodes and a couple that had very odd endings that felt rushed.  There was also a three part episode about Black Friday that was based on Game of Thrones and made a bunch of references to the South Park Stick of Truth game that got delayed to 2014.

The season was a great way to pass a few hours and post misplaced item recovery today I was reminded that I hadn’t posted about it.

I give South Park Season 17 four stars out of five.

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