Vienna Teng at the Throckmorton

This weekend was one of those weekends full of friends and music and food and I am writing this at a point where physically and mentally I am quite far beyond the term I would classify as exhausted. It was time for what has become a late December tradition: the Vienna Teng Holiday Concert Series.


Top Stuff of 2013

Live Concerts: 1. Vienna Teng (various venues across the country) 2. MS MR (The Independent four times, Outside Lands twice) 3. How to destroy angels_ (various venues on the west coast) 4. Lionel Richie (SAP Center, San Jose) 5. John Williams (w/Stephen Spielberg and the San Francisco Symphony) Video Games: 1. Ingress 2. Spelunky 3.…

South Park Season 17

Due to a misplaced item and a bout with illness we canceled our plans to attend a few events this weekend.  This allowed us time to do a bunch of things. One of those things was watching the entirety of Season 17 of South Park.

A bunch of short reviews from the weekend

Sometime last week, I noticed a pop-up ad on my Vita in the PS Store that offered a couple of free games. One of those games was Vlambeer’s Super Crate Box. I had gotten to know Vlambeer through a recommendation to play Ridiculous Fishing by Max Temkin.