The Cabin in the Woods

Tonight, I ducked out of work an hour early and saw The Cabin in the Woods. I was drawn in by Drew Goddard and Amy Acker in attendance and… not having to pay for a movie I might not have enjoyed. I had read the screenplay and it was good, but my wife says I snarked on it and said it sucked back when I read it. I remember saying all of that about another Joss Whedon screenplay I read but not Cabin.

The movie was legitimately one of the best movies I have seen in years. I can say that with a straight face and not because Drew Goddard is paying me to say so. If he did pay me, I’d be okay with that. I did get to say “Great movie” to him as he headed to the bathroom after the movie, to which he responded “Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.”

The folks at Dread Central say I shouldn’t talk about the movie and just say how good it is. Since the trailer spoils the whole movie, I’m going to go ahead and talk about it.

So the movie is not a horror film. It is a homage to horror films. I’d say it is like a giant episode of Buffy with a lot of horror film fan wank. Drew and Joss did a great job making a good movie where they make you care about their characters and then box the characters into standard horror film stereotypes using unique plot devices that give a logical reason why the characters that have charm that you care about are suddenly stereotypical horror genre characters. In fact, due to a prop that got a lot of cheers and what it contained, one of the characters never actually gets to be the stereotypical horror genre character.

All of this happens with homages to classic slasher films like Halloween, The Thing, Saw, Scream and even the smoke monster from Lost. Things that give you nightmares are referenced throughout the movie, but it really truly is more a great work of science fiction than a horror film. And that is just one of the reasons why I loved it. The cast was amazing. The God of Thunder, Topher and Whiskey from Dollhouse, Andrew from Buffy, a surprise impactful role from someone you wouldn’t expect… and two characters that Drew and Joss’ wives insist were just the two of them writing themselves into their own movie.

Highly entertaining, not a ton of gore but lots of blood. To the extreme. To the point where everything may have been filmed with red filters over the lens at some points and you wouldn’t have been able to know the difference.

I got a poster and a tee shirt for my wife. She got there too late and missed the movie but also got a poster. It was a great movie and I’ll definitely pick it up on Blu-Ray as it could very well be one of my favorite movies for a long while. I liked it a lot better than Serenity or Repo if that is saying anything.

If you want to #DiscoverTheSecret, you could just watch the trailer or read the screenplay.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Nothing tomorrow then Mazzy Star on Friday night followed by a trip south and GARBAGE!!!!!111!!!1!

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