Vienna Teng – Freight and Salvage: The Return Episode 2 (12/30/11)

The second night of two of the big Vienna Teng shows at Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley was on Friday. It was a bit different experience than Thursday night.

We took my wife’s grandmother to the show. It was her first time going to see Vienna in concert, after she was finally convinced to go following the Vienna Teng dinner party we held at our house this summer. Her rationale was that “[e- mother] goes to the shows, so I should try it.” I remarked that not only does my mother and her husband go to shows, but so do my father and his wife. Many of our friends go to the shows as well.

We got there a bit early and made a donation to the Freight and Salvage before heading up the street to drink some tea and wait for soundcheck time.

After about an hour, we headed back and waited in the green room until Vienna and her sister Tiffany arrived. They immediately started into rehearsing Sound of Silence together and both soundcheck, which had a lot more fans invited and a lot more random requests of songs to play, and the show were pretty amazing experiences.

Between sets, I heard tale from my wife and one of our friends about how Vienna loved the Thinkgeek Drum Machine interactive tee shirt I bought her for Christmas. Post-show I went back to get our stuff and saw it laying out on the table. She really did like it.

After another hour or so post-show of chatting among fans and Vienna presenting a select few of the fans with small gifts, ours being a set of Nanoblocks that built a cute koala bear holding either a banana or a tree, I lead a party of 11 away from the venue. I was hoping that Vienna and her sister would take the time to exit peacefully and my wife and our friend would meet us at the restaurant up the street for a late dinner.

To my surprise, we ended up being a party of 15 and Vienna was wearing the shirt I got her to dinner. We had a nice meal of Thai food and watched some of the Christina Aguilar 20th Anniversary concert in the background while chatting about several different topics. It was a fun end to the two nights of greatness.

We walked back toward the venue and our cars and all took some silly group photos together. While our experience with Vienna had ended for the year, it was a good time for everyone involved and we have more fun to look forward to in 2012 and beyond.

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