New Year’s Eve with Lord Loves a Working Man and Rube Waddell at Vitus

Saturday night, we went to Jack London Square’s new club Vitus for a New Year’s Eve show featuring Rube Waddell and Lord Loves a Working Man, two local acts with ties to Eric McFadden, Dina Maccabee, Charming Hostess and probably any other local name out there. We’d picked up the Lord Loves the Working Man CD earlier in the year, and while it didn’t make my top five, it was pretty great and got a lot of play on my Music by Google account.

We were going to the show to try out the club and the bands. It was only $10 to get in and there was the promise of tasty looking food at the bar when we arrived.

Soundcheck was particularly nasty, with the sound overloading all over the place and the vocals being very distorted. Our food on the other hand, which consisted of baby back ribs and fennel slaw ($5) and chicken sliders on Acme bread ($5) was very good.

We had taken up position at a table but the crowd filled in closer to the stage, so we had no view of the band. We tried going upstairs to the balcony, but a second show with DJs was happening on the balcony and the sound of both shows bled together in a not too pleasant sort of way.

Rube Waddell was good enough with their junkyard/circus/Americana sound for me to pick up their CDs. I liked their sound and the vibe of the crowd and the band. They played for around an hour before changing gears and setting up for Lord Loves a Working Man, which is essentially Rube Waddell with Cynthia Taylor from Charming Hostess sharing vocals, a bigger horn section and a Hammond organ.

Lord Loves a Working Man also played for a little over an hour and got to ring in the new year with a rendition of Auld Lang Syne. It was well worth the trip across the bridge to go to a great show with talented performers. I narrowed down the sound issues to Freddi’s vocal mic, but the sound guy didn’t seem to give a shit at all about the show taking place.

I really enjoyed the food and both bands, so the sound issues didn’t really dampen the night. To start off 2011, we saw Nerf Herder at Bottom of the Hill. While I liked that show better than our start to 2012, it was still great to get out and see good live music as a way to start the year off.

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