The rest of the Tori Amos weekend

I figure shortly before the second Tori Amos show at The Orpheum in Los Angeles is as good a time as any to start an entry that encompasses the first and second nights here in LA. We had a fairly good experience riding south with friends, except for our rear passenger window motor still being finicky, making me lose hearing in my right ear when we did the mountain altitude change. I bought those earplugs they sell that are designed for the express purpose of relieving pressure from altitude changes at Walgreen’s and that combined with a sneeze at lunch today restored my traumatized ear.

We had decent hotel accommodations thanks to one of the friends that travelled with us. We searched for dinner and ate at Pizza Next Door before heading to the venue. A misplaced hat had half of our party searching the streets of the Los Angeles Financial District while my wife and I visited the rest room at a grocery store and tried to pick up our tickets for the show at the Orpheum Box Office.

We were unsuccessful in the box office ticket retrieval and the other two were successful in the hat search. We ended up heading back to the hotel to get our car and things.

When we returned to the venue, we got our tickets and tried to sell our spare set of three slightly worse seats. No one was biting. The earswithfeet were assholes who wanted free tickets. We ended up selling all three tickets to a couple and a random dude who was there to see some jam guitar people at Staples Center but picked the wrong day. We sold all three for the equivalent of the price of one but better than giving away to self-important fans.

The show was great. We got a varied set much different than Oakland, and I think I enjoyed the first Orpheum show more overall than the Oakland show, primarily because I could see the string quartet and hear much better.

Reviewing the setlist, Oakland’s show was much better.

I figured day two in Los Angeles wouldn’t be that great and would feature a lot of the same stuff as Oakland.

We woke up on Sunday and went to Kelly’s Fudge and Coffee for a hot chocolate for my wife. We dropped off one of our two friends at the venue to wait for a meet and greet with Tori we didn’t care about. We headed north and went to Amoeba Records and shopped for a while, acquiring a ton of CDs for around $60.

+ Post: Bought a shitload of CDs at Amoeba. Awesome finds: Autographed Catherine Wheel disc and autographed West Indian Girl disc. Also bought music from Mellowdrone, Ian Axel, No WTO Combo, Tori Amos, Cornelius, Ben Folds, Grayson Chance, Barry Adamson, Carney, Tim Russ, Iglou & Hartly, Aaron Novik, Dandy Warhols, Dance Disaster Movement, Radiohead, Chris Cornell and more!

We went to Thai Town for lunch, first stopping off at a crappy “family-style” place that served a mishmash of Asian American cuisine. We used the bathroom there and decided against staying for lunch. Next, we went to Wat Dong Moon Lek and had an amazing lunch. I will definitely visit Wat Dong Moon Lek for lunch the next time we visit LA. Great food and a pleasant atmosphere with cool drawings of musicians and actors along the walls where the menus are listed out.

We headed back to the hotel and rested for a bit before heading back to the venue. We ended up eating the cost for four tickets and gave them to the back row of the balcony freely as upgrades for the second night of the Orpheum shows.

The second Orpheum show was vastly different than the other two shows, with the first performance I’ve ever seen of On the Boundary. Again, a great show. I really love the way the string quartet complements Tori on stage.

While I was sad to see the series of concerts end, shockingly, I became a Tori Amos fan again that weekend.

We headed to the car and back to the hotel, where we quickly packed up our things and did an overnight drive home.

I took the position of talking to the driver for the first leg, and our friend made it around two hours and we stopped for dinner on the mountain at Denny’s. I don’t understand why but Denny’s in So Cal is so much better than up here. We ended up paying way too much for gas after the Grapevine but it was below freezing on top of the mountain so it was worth it.

I took the second leg driving and made it another two and a half hours closer to home before relinquishing the car to my wife, who sadly had to make most of the rest of the journey with a car full of sleeping people.

We got home around 7:00AM and slept until around 3pm. It was a fun road trip and one I definitely am glad to have taken.

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