Putting Everything Together

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo:

While everyone else that pre-ordered uploaded their Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack to iTunes, then connected their phones to sync, I went the Music by Google route and Google were even nice enough to tag the non-ID3 tagged files and add the appropriate cover art for me. Oh, and I can listen on my phone without taking up any space on it. Can iTunes do that correctly?
I can report now that I really enjoy three songs from Disc 1 of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Pinned and Mounted, A Thousand Details and Please Take Your Hand Away. I really only disliked Perihelion and Immigrant Song. The rest was okay but nothing too amazing. Discs 2 and 3 will need to wait until tomorrow.
Just finished up Disc 2 of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack. Standout tracks from the second of three discs are: You’re Here and Parallel Timeline with Alternate Outcome. Didn’t really dislike anything on the second disc but those two songs were the ones I can really see myself playing repeatedly.
I’ve finally fully digested the 39-song The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack. Favorites from Disc 3 include Oraculum and Great Bird of Prey. The How to Destroy Angels Bryan Ferry cover is definitely worlds better than the Karen O vocalized Immigrant Song. It is likely I will make a playlist of standout tracks and the tracks that fit well with them and never listen to this full thing in order again. There’s a lot of what I hesitate to call “filler” since I know it is a movie score and that “filler” is for the less ‘actiony” scenes. In all there is at least a full CD worth of excellent material and it is well worth the asking price… except for the $300 deluxe edition which is ridiculous.
Matt Dunphy of theninhotline and echoingthesound won the big prize and unlocked free The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo screenings. One happens to be in San Francisco on 12/12.
Free Girl With The Dragon Tattoo dance party at The Warfield next Friday night:http://hardfest.com/to RSVP.
SAN FRANCISCO. Tickets for screening are first come first serve. Get them NOW at the AMC Loews Metreon 16, 101 4th ST., SF #MOUTHTAPEDSHUT — MouthTapedShut (@MouthTapedShut)
20 minutes later: In line.
15 minutes later: Success.
So the soundtrack release for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was Friday morning at midnight, eastern time. That meant a fun Thursday night on the Pacific coast. I wasn’t able to download it until around 1:30 eastern time but enjoyed the freakout thread on echoingthesound.org of people leeching it from various places and enjoying the sounds, plus the people stuck like me unable to download for a little while.
I immediately synced it to Music by Google, which is probably my favorite application that came out in 2011. I was very impressed that Music by Google already had the cover art and correct track information for each file of a soundtrack that just came out minutes prior. Especially since TopSpin does a really poor job of packaging their files, lacking any form of identifying information.
I listened to Disc 1 before taking a break from it to play some Skyrim Thursday night. I listened to Discs 2 and 3 while at work on Friday and around 4:00, the end game event for the mouth-taped-shut Dragon Tattoo ARG by 42 Entertainment, which I hadn’t really cared about thus far, began. I watched as people solved the puzzles that I had no idea how to solve and eventually, Leviathant, long time supporter of nine inch nails on the internets, won the final prize. This unlocked the inevitable movie screenings. Thankfully, San Francisco was one of the screening locations. That makes sense, since 42 Entertainment is located here.
Saturday, @mouthtapedshut would post details on how to acquire tickets. Around 12:30pm, they announced tickets were NOW available at the Metreon. I ended up around 6th on the list after standing in line downstairs like an idiot and then being directed to the table on the 3rd floor. My wife also got a ticket around 10 minutes later and she was only around 15 people behind me. Methinks the turn out may be smaller than capacity if mouthtapedshut are the only passes to be honored for the screening. I’m taking a friend along to see the film on Monday night.
We had a fun little adventure in the city, getting passes and then going to farmerbrown’s Little Skillet for a tasty chicken and waffles lunch. We stopped by where I work to pick up the free BART passes I had for the weekend which we will be using later today to go to the Nintendo Mall Tour event at San Francisco Center.
Approximately 26.5 hours into the PC version of Skyrim now. Erik the Slayer and the other Blades recruits joined me on a dragon hunt this evening. We killed both a regular dragon and a blood dragon at a crater north of the Blades home base. I traded away a dragon scale and a dragon bone for a potion that I’ll probably never use and now I am going to sleep, both in the game and in real life.
I really like Skyrim. I read an article that pretty much sums up exactly what I like about it. I’ll share it here:
Donna De Lory:
On Friday night, we took a trip to Berkeley to see Donna De Lory in concert. I stopped off at Half Price Books first and saw that they had a copy of the “2nd edition” hardcover of House of Leaves on sale for $50. I have a couple of those already but it made me smile that it was featured prominently amongst other collectible books. I had a crappy meal at The Original, but otherwise the night was relaxing and enjoyable. Donna was joined by Todd Boston on guitar, Dave Allen on drums, Mac Quayle on keys and Ben Leinbach on bass and percussion.
The first set was a more mellow set, which didn’t really go over well for me. I know Donna never really rehearses with her rotating band, but things seemed a little more off for me during the first set than normal. It could have been a blah day at work and some mildly irritating back pain that caused for lesser enjoyment, but I really just wasn’t into it. It was really cool to hear lots of new stuff during the first set though.
The second set, which also featured another guest band member, DJ Baron Von Spirit, was more uptempo and Mac Quayle really shined as the star of the set. I can see why he is doing a lot of film scores and still doing tons of remixes, and it was great to see him perform live with Donna.
Post-show we had a good discussion with Donna about fandom, concert horror stories and other great musicians out there.
Heavy snowfall is imminent in the fabled region of Gnawnia. That means it is time for another Great Winter Hunt in Mousehunt, one of the only reasons I still have a mostly inactive Facebook profile.

The game is passive. You hit a horn every fifteen minutes with the possibility of catching one of the over 350 mice in the game. You upgrade traps, cheese and get map pieces along the way.

If you haven’t ever tried the game, the Great Winter Hunt is always a great way to start things off. You tend to end up with a fairly powerful trap for free at the end of it as well.

If you have played the game and are still doing so, good luck to you hunter.


So another Great Winter Hunt has begun. This one has a ton of things to do each day and while it seems a bit overwhelming, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to complete all of the tasks involved. I have been playing Mousehunt for almost three years now, and I’m really glad that the passive game that could is still interesting me.
The Nutcracker:
Saturday night, we got all dressed up and got to check another “traditional holiday event” off of our calendar. We went to the War Memorial Opera House and saw The Nutcracker Ballet.
We started out our evening with dinner at Sizzler. We were a bit too dressed up to eat there but it didn’t matter. It was an adequate meal and easier than trying to find food in the Civic Center area downtown.
We had “cheap seats” at the ballet, but it was still a good view for the most part. The music was awesome and familiar, but I think I prefer the pyro explosions and rock guitar of Trans Siberian Orchestra over the sometimes boring dancing on stage at the ballet.
Here are my highlights of the show:
Act 1 Highlights: Bannister sliding, drum playing, Nutcracker breaking little mischievious boys; An epic mousehunt with the King of Gnawnia crawling then falling into the hole in the stage; SNOW. The rest: yawn
Act 2 highlights: The prince’s Previously on The Nutcracker Act 1 recap, the Dragon and the circus bear.
It was a good performance, just not an engaging story. Again, the music is amazing though, and it was fun to see a ton of snowfall on stage.
What I liked about The Nutcracker was how it nicely threaded the music, Mousehunt (Mouse King) and Skyrim/Dragon Tattoo (dragon) into a cohesive bundle for this entry. I don’t think I’d go back to see The Nutcracker in San Francisco again, but some other production for less money may be fun to check out some day.
And the weekend isn’t even over yet. We still have the Nintendo Mall Tour to experience. I updated my 3DS to the latest firmware, which also adds 3D video taking capability to the system. We’ll see if 3D video of the Nintendo Mall Tour event works out!

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