Shiny Toy Guns @ Popscream 2011 @ Rickshaw Stop

We headed to Rickshaw Stop to see Shiny Toy Guns, a band whose third version of their first album was really good four or five years ago. Their follow up with a different lead singer was less appealing. The good news is that the old lead singer is back, the second album singer moved on to a solo career and the third album with the old lead singer is in progress.

Our first opportunity to see the band in their current incarnation was last night. Why? Because Thursday is the new Friday.

They went on at 11:30. Per the band’s instructions, I was wore a costume. I was an Anonymous member with my Guy Fawkes mask worn throughout the show. The band all had costumes as well.

The drummer had Joker face paint under a ghoulish mask. The lead singer/guitarist had a long black wig and seemed to be an early 80’s rock star for his costume. The new bass player had a mask that was either a vampire or a demon or a wolfman, hard to say. The keyboard player was either Dracula or the Phantom of the Opera. The female vocalist/lead singer was Mario. They had fun and so did the crowd.

The set mixed songs from all three albums and a couple of covers as well. They opened with The Sun, the first single from their next album, and played the two hits from their second album, Ricochet and Ghost Town, along with covers of Major Tom and Stripped. The highlights though were hearing the songs we grew to love from their first album. Le Disko was early in the set and Rainy Monday and Rocketship were sprinkled in as well. They played new song Speaking Japanese and several others before closing out the night with a great one-two punch of an encore, Don’t Cry Out into You are the One.

That was out of order and missing some songs, but the point is that it was a fun show from the balcony at Rickshaw Stop.

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