Shiny Toy Guns @ Popscream 2011 @ Rickshaw Stop

We headed to Rickshaw Stop to see Shiny Toy Guns, a band whose third version of their first album was really good four or five years ago. Their follow up with a different lead singer was less appealing. The good news is that the old lead singer is back, the second album singer moved on…


The Weekend Fever

Friday night, we went and saw Paul Freeman and Roger Daltrey in concert. It was great to see Paul get a standing ovation and a great reception as the opening act. He got similar when he opened for Vienna Teng and Alex Wong, but he really seemed in his element opening for Daltrey.

Possible Obstructed View

Saturday night, we had tickets to see Night Ranger/Foreigner/Journey at Shoreline. These tickets were rather expensive, especially considering that they were Section 202 and the top of the ticket warned of a possible obstructed view.