The Day the Music was Alive

Tuesday was full of some incredibly amazing music releases.

Katie Herzig’s The Waking Sleep was the album I was most looking forward to. It combines great songwriting with brilliant production and is almost definitely my album of the year just based on the bits and pieces my wife gathered together a couple of weeks ago.

Tori Amos’ Night of Hunters is a return to form for Tori after over a decade of me not liking her music. It is about damn time!

Pearl Jam’s PJ20 soundtrack is kind of underwhelming, mostly because I already had most of it. The real jems are “Walk With Me” with Neil Young from last year’s Bridge School Benefit, and Jeff Ament’s demo of “Nothing As it Seems.” We’re going to see Cameron Crowe’s documentary on Saturday, and I look forward to seeing what story he tells with the first 20 years of Pearl Jam’s career.

Ivy’s All Hours is pretty basic but holds up well against their past catalog.

Nirvana’s Nevermind Super Deluxe Edition. Five discs of Butch Vig recordings? YES!

And to cap off the night, we went to Great American Music Hall and saw ’90’s Alterna-Darlings Bush* in concert.

Here’s how I feel about the show, as posted to Google+.

As a non-Bush fan, I can respect those that enjoyed the show and love the band. They just aren’t my thing.

Happy to have accompanied my wife to a small club show and feel like it was worth the money even though I didn’t really relate.

I enjoyed the band’s performance of “Greedy Fly” and Dead Sara, the openers, were pretty good.

A great day for music. Grunge isn’t dead. The 90’s are back. Huzzah!

*-Well, technically 1/2 of Bush, the drummer and lead singer. The rest of the original band aren’t part of this reunion.

Notes from Michele: I got a high five from Gavin. Enough said! …well, I do have a little more to say. It was great to see Dead Sara, a real rock band, which seems frightfully rare these days, and with an even more rare female lead singer. Said singer climbed up on a speaker stack and jumped off. We need more of this. As for Bush, I loved Sixteen Stone, and was quite happy to finally see them live.

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