Outside Lands 2011 Day 3

Our day started mid-afternoon, mostly due to my leg injury, but also because there wasn’t that much we really wanted to see on Sunday.

I amended our schedule on Saturday night after I hurt my leg, and removed Lands End artists John Fogerty and The Decemberists from the schedule, adding Twin Peaks artists Major Lazer and Sound Tribe Sector 9 before Deadmau5.

I tried to get us there in time to see !!! but we arrived too late.  No loss, we headed for Choco Lands after taking a quick break where my wife to get even more CDs from the KFOG tent by the likes of Butterfly Boucher, Elizabeth and the Catapult, David Berkeley, Nellie McKay and a Jordan Burger compilation that had Vienna Teng on it. She got a flashlight and rubber ducky promoting Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and a stuffed Disney On Ice Mickey Mouse plus a random plastic shot glass from the Alice tent. I took photos of Friday and Saturday’s murals and rested in a tree during all of this.

Josh Ritter started playing on Lands End when we departed to the lands of tasty chocolate. He was not noteworthy in the brief bit I heard.

Our first stop was Food Truck Forest for a S’mores Bar ($5) and a Crack Bar (peanut butter, caramel and chocolate) ($5) from Brass Knuckle. We continued onward to Choco Lands and two Epic Cookies (peanut butter and chocolate mint crackle) ($3 each) and enjoyed all of the tasty desserts at a picnic table near the Epic Cookies booth. The desserts we shared were all tasty but the prior day’s chocolate chip and walnut cookie was better than the two we had on Sunday. The Crack Bar was my favorite dessert of the festival. I plan on getting another when Brass Knuckle is at a nearby Off the Grid event in the future.

We headed down the stairs into Eco Lands in search of fruit, but Fat Belly Farms fresh fruit and vegetables were way too pricey. We settled on a Strawberry Banana Smoothie ($7) from Little Village instead and filled up our OSL water bottle while listening to and enjoying the sounds of Ty Segall. The part of Ty’s set we saw was pretty good. I’d probably be okay watching him open for someone again in the future. The smoothie was good but pretty small for $7.

After acquiring water, I was on a mission to find a spot in the cluster of trees near the back of Speedway Meadow. I figured if I could find a shady spot to sit, I would make it through the rest of the festival and hopefully enjoy three great electronic music acts to close out the experience.

We got a spot on a tree low to the ground and I sat through most of Major Lazer’s set. Diplo previously worked with MIA and Switch produced the Santigold album. Unfortunately, their Subsonic like set was dampened by their hypeman constantly yelling at a San Francisco crowd to do something. Like they care what he thinks. Even getting a bunch of girls on stage seemed like a chore. The set would have been a lot better without the hypeman, but as it stands, maybe I should have braved Lands End for Fogerty to check him off the big list of rock legends. With no injury, that probably would have happened.

My wife went to Sabores Del Sur and picked up three chicken empanadas for dinner ($12 for three) between acts. We enjoyed them while watching and listening to a funky and surprisingly jazzy set from Sound Tribe Sector 9. I enjoyed their set a lot more than Major Lazer. The food was good too.

Up next was Deadmau5, but my wife needed to take a break so we took a little walk and caught a bit of the Infamous Stringdusters set on the Panhandle stage. They were a bluegrass band with fiddles and banjo and mandolin and standup bass and had the crowd getting down. Again, the Panhandle didn’t disappoint in a quality musical diversion. We snapped photos of the giant Chia Buffalo and eventually headed back to discover Deadmau5 starting ten minutes earlier than scheduled.

The whole time from the lineup announcement up to that moment I had wanted to see the spectacle of a Deadmau5 show. His set didn’t live up to those expectations. Getting bombed with confetti and glitter by partiers in the crowd was far more entertaining than anything The Fiver was doing on stage. I am glad I stayed in the lively part of the crowd for a few minutes after my wife retreated to our tree. By the time I got to the tree, the adrenaline of anticipating great electronic music and awesome light show wore off. I was in pain again. Deadmau5’s visuals can be freely acquired in an late 90’s or later version of Winamp. Turn on the visualization and play some generic electronic music and you too can be Deadmau5 in your own home.

I gave up around 35 minutes into his set and my wife didn’t mind leaving either. We headed back to Lands End and heard the better parts of the Arcade Fire headlining set as my wife finished last minute shopping and took photos of the Sunday murals. Then we beat the rush and headed for the shuttles and the end of our three day festival adventure.

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