Outside Lands 2011 Day 2

Our second day of Outside Lands goodness started with another great shuttle experience. We got into the venue quickly and started our day with lots of food since it was lunchtime and we had empty stomachs.

Our first food selection was a Chicken Tikka Kati Roll ($6) from Kasa Indian Eatery. It was flavorful and had a good taste. The service at the booth was fast and my only complaint was it was a bit smaller than I would have liked. Buying two or three would have been a full meal, but we had other food items to acquire from other booths.

We bought an encore helping of Homeroom Gilroy Garlic Mac+Cheese ($6), a plate full of Tater Tots with bleu cheese and bits of bacon dip ($6) from Q Restaurant and two desserts from Farmerbrown: a red velvet cupcake and a pecan pie square ($3 each).

It was a mini-feast lunch and something you can probably only experience at Outside Lands.

I bought another refillable water bottle after forgetting the one we bought yesterday at home ($15) but it was worth it because they are great build quality “canteen” style bottles.

Next, I checked in at the Intel Cube and got my free 1GB USB flash drive. When my wife tried to check in for another tee shirt they said she’d have to tweet and she just gave up.

We visited the different tent shops and radio station booths and at the Alice booth I got a Dinner for Schmucks key chain. My wife got magnets. At the KFOG booth they had a bunch of promo CDs for donation and we got quite the haul:

Rachel Platten – Be Here
Serena Ryder – Is It OK
The xx – xx
A Fine Frenzy – Bomb in a Birdcage
+Live+ – Custom Radio Content Liners, Audio Clips & Announcements (The River)
The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Songs from Lonely Avenue
Jarvis Cocker – Further Complications
Evanescence – The Open Door
White Rabbits – It’s Frightening
Meat Puppets – Lollipop

We donated $23 for that selection but probably could have taken them all for a dollar or so. We felt generous because of the cool selection.

As we were selecting CDs, the first band on the Lands End stage, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis started their set. They rapped over a bunch of mainstream music. A standout for me was a rap over Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Otherside. Otherwise, they sounded like a couple of rappers, which isn’t normally something I’d spend a lot of time listening to.

We headed for the other side of the park after hearing Otherside and found a nice comfortable perch on the hay bales across from the Panhandle Stage for Ximena Sarinana’s set.

I liked the interpretive dancer dude and his later recruited female partner in the crowd more than Ximena’s songs. She just doesn’t interest me at all. It was at least relaxing to sit at the stage and we heard much better music there later in the day.

After the Ximena Sarinana set, we headed to Choco Lands and my wife’s date with destiny at the Candybar. We got a S’mores Lollipop ($9), Hot Chocolate with marshmellow ($8) and a chocolate creme brulee ($7). Not only were the prices high, I didn’t like the taste of any of it and the hot chocolate ended up getting thrown away. So much for that experiment.

The Lloyd Family Players roaving band of musicians and flag wavers seemingly followed us through the Eco Lands to Choco Lands. They put on an entertaining performance.

Staying in Choco Lands, we had Epic Cookies’ chocolate chip and walnut cookie ($3) and a half pint of Clover milk ($2). The cookie and milk were much better than the higher cost/lower quality of Candybar.

What was really lacking in Choco Lands was not having Charles Chocolates there. Boy I could have gone for one of THEIR s’mores.

After the Choco Lands excursion, we headed for The Barbary, where we saw two stand-up comedians. Moshe Kasher was a not-gay Jew who interacted well with the crowd, knew how to improvise and put on a good set. Paul F. Tompkins, former host of VH1’s canceled Best Week Ever, was a nervous ninny who didn’t get over well with the crowd, pulled prepared material that wasn’t funny out of his brain and then told one story about Weird Al on I Love the 80’s and his effort to make a joke that Al just didn’t get. Don’t worry, The Barbary crowd didn’t get it either. I think we probably should have left when we heard the growly devil like sounds coming from one of the other stages, after Moshe was done. That was probably some entertaining music whatever it was.

We took a photo with the World Series trophy in the Sports Lounge.

We went to the Prius Playground in the Eco Lands next and stood in line for custom screenprinted tote bags. While wandering by the Panhandle Stage, we heard a familiar song. Christina Perri was performing and played “Jar of Hearts,” which I knew we had heard before and figured she was just covering it. It turns out the song is Christina’s biggest hit so far and Dia Frampton had covered it on The Voice earlier this summer. We became a fan at the Panhandle performance.

The Panhandle Stage has always exposed us to great new artists. That’s one of the joys of going to Outside Lands. A couple of years back, we were introduced to Bat For Lashes on the same stage. I really do applaud Outside Lands for having something for everyone and a great mix of artists no matter what stage you plop down in front of.

After the Christina Perri set, we headed to Twin Peaks and saw Sia (with Adam Christgau, sometimes member of The Paper Raincoat, on drums). Sia was okay and did a great cover of Oh Father which I somewhat recognized but my wife really liked. Too bad her vocal was too low in the mix at the time. The crowd included Vau De Vire stiltwalkers, who lost their drink can on the roof of the soundboard tent. Oops. They did some dancing and left about halfway through Sia’s set. I would have probably left about halfway through too. I’m not big on normal pop acts and had Adam Christgau not been familiar to us, I may have taken a break for part of her set. (Rebuttal from Michele: the second half of Sia’s set was dance fantastic!)

Post-Sia, walking past the Panhandle again, we saw a DJ performing and I needed a break. There was free space on the hay bale so we stopped and relaxed and listened to an amazing set by Eskmo. Eskmo is Brendan Angelides, a local electronic artist who also plays as Welder in a welding mask.

Eskmo is awesome. He sampled a bunch of percussive instruments, like a pan, a cowbell, a shaker, tearing pieces of paper and also his voice and mixes all of that live with some prepared stuff from his laptop. It is a cool thing to watch and a great thing to listen to. I’ve proceeded to download almost his entire catalog since we got home!

After Eskmo, we headed back toward the main stage area, where The Black Keys were playing and we could hopefully get dinner. The crowd was HUGE.

We retreated to the Sutro Stage area and got some I <3 Spicy Pie from there instead, one slice pepperoni and one slice combination pepperoni, sausage and onion ($6 each) and sat at a picnic table and relaxed and ate in peace as the sun went down. The crowd for the Warren Haynes Band started to file in and looked a lot like Deadheads. Once an actual (I assume) Deadhead walked by in a Grateful Dead tee shirt with some odd bling, a frame with medals in it, attached to a lanyard around his neck, like Flavor Flav's clock but weirder, I had to check out exactly who Warren Haynes was. Turns out he is a guitar legend of some sort who plays shitty jammy music. I can tell it is shitty because we retreated from Sutro shortly after his set started. The guitar was bad, the vocals worse. Scary stuff. Keep it away from me!

Day Two ended with a massive headling performance at Lands End with MUSE. We got a decent spot behind the fill speaker again and again the crowd was awfully chatty. During Plug In Baby, the first encore, I hurt my right leg, which sucks. The MUSE show was great. That normally goes without saying. They brought their usual A-Game to Golden Gate Park and I was very happy to be there to experience it.

We got out of the park, onto the shuttle and to the BART station at Civic Center fairly quickly. On the way to the car at Daly City, I twisted my right ankle after stepping on to the curb wrong, likely due to compensating for the already painful leg issue I had had since MUSE's encore. My ankle doesn't hurt this morning, but my foot hurts on the side by my little toe.

Once again, Outside Lands brought great food, great music and surprisingly, one good comedian. I'm glad to have enjoyed a second day of Outside Lands action with my wife in Golden Gate Park.

2 thoughts on “Outside Lands 2011 Day 2

  1. there are non gay jews? i don’t understand that but i guess it explains how there are still jewish people around.

    very sweet haul on the CDs. Are they all one song singles or are there “b-sides”

    sounds like a pretty decent day even if none of the music up until the headliner was too amazing :(

    • Except for the Live promo, we opted to take full albums. Most of them were advance promos, but no extra radio fun stuff on them.

      I’ve really missed getting albums from radio stations! These weren’t free (since we’re nice and donated), but it was still a ton of fun to go hunting.


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