Not@Comic-Con Adventures (Day 4 – Sunday)

What’d we miss on Sunday at Comic-Con?

Tony Head and the cast of Merlin
Nathan Fillion and the cast of Castle
DOCTOR WHO and his companions

…and not much else.

I’ve met Tony Head and Nathan Fillion. We had two concerts in the Bay Area to attend. Which would have turned out better?

Sunday was a difficult day for me. I woke up with a horrible headache as the result of tooth grinding in my sleep and just overall was exhausted. I ate a turkey burger and it gave me enough of a boost to get ready and travel to San Francisco, to the venue where plans for the previous day’s dinner party had been finalized.

We went to see Amber Rubarth at a house concert. Also in attendance were three people who we had seen hours earlier and played Rock Band and Cards Against Humanity with, and one friend who sadly was on a flight home from New York and missed the dinner party experience.

It was great to see all of them again.

The show opener, Bobby Jo Valentine was a happy man, excited to be opening for someone as great as Amber Rubarth. He did a song on ukulele that I kind of liked. Our friends liked him a bit more.

We were actually mostly at the show to hang out, moreso than to see Amber. But the crowd at the house concert made it an enjoyable experience, and their energy and expression made her show that much better.

I don’t know the names of her songs, but Amber played Rough Cut and In the Creases which she co-wrote with Alex Wong of The Animators, a song she co-wrote with Jason Mraz and several other songs like Washing Day which I had heard before. She even did one she thought she hadn’t ever played but remembered suddenly while playing another song. Her comfort level in the house concert setting made her performance a lot better than previous ones we’d seen.

Even if I had hated the show, I won the raffle between acts and got free tickets to see David Berkeley at Cafe du Nord on August 20 out of it. We had seen David Berkeley at the same house concert venue a couple weeks back… when the dinner party became more of a reality and less of a dream.

After the show was over, we were all hungry, so we took a walk down the hill with two of our friends and ate at Queen Malika, a small creperie on 18th. I had a crepe with spinach, ham, cheese, green onion, mushroom and egg in it and it was honestly the best crepe I have ever eaten. I tipped the guy $5 extra because I was so happy with my meal. If you’re ever in the area, definitely check the place out! I’ll even go to really bad house concerts in the future if it means I’ll get to eat there again.

We said goodbye to that set of friends after they were nice enough to drive us back up the hill to our car, and headed to Berkeley (the town, not the singer, I realize that may be confusing but this whole entry kind of is for me at this point) to see another friend in another band in yet another concert.

We went to Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse, one of our favorite venues, and saw Circus Bella All-Star Band, lead by Rob Reich and featuring Dina Maccabee, a couple of Japonize Elephants and several other familiar faces from great local bands. We saw Dina on the way in and bought a pinwheel and a cd from the merch table before taking our seats.

Almost two hours of great 1920’s sounding but written in the last few years circus music ensued, complete with gymnasts, juggling, a unicycle and a contortionist. It was a miniature circus with a BIG band.

I really loved ending our huge extravaganza of Not@Comic-Con with the happy sounds of the circus. I have to thank Dina and our other friend, the production manager at the venue, for giving us the opportunity to experience such a fitting finale to our adventures.

We said goodbye and see you soon to Dina and headed home.

Not@Comic-Con Weekend was officially over.

Would I have rather been at Comic-Con Sunday… nah.

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