Not@Comic-Con Adventures (Day 4 – Sunday)

What’d we miss on Sunday at Comic-Con? Tony Head and the cast of Merlin Nathan Fillion and the cast of Castle DOCTOR WHO and his companions …and not much else. I’ve met Tony Head and Nathan Fillion. We had two concerts in the Bay Area to attend. Which would have turned out better?


Not@Comic-Con Adventures (Day 3 – Saturday)

I’ve written a lot about fandom in the many years I’ve been writing stuff on the Internet. Fandom takes on many forms and Comic-Con is a great way to see how fandom works. On Saturday, we weren’t at Comic-Con. We did however have a very cool genre fandom related event, and we didn’t even have…

Not@Comic-Con Adventures (Day 1 – Thursday)

Comic-Con is currently going on around nine hours away in San Diego. We aren’t there. I was very passionate in our justification for not going to Comic-Con, but I still feel a small hole in my soul by not being there. Instead, on Thursday we saw The Mars Volta and SOUNDGARDEN at Bill Graham Civic.