Nerf Herder

We spent New Year’s Eve with Parry Gripp, Steve Sherlock, Ben Pringle and Linus from Hollywood.

I was under the impression that Nerf Herders were scruffy-looking. Instead, I got a bunch of middle-aged men on stage in front of me to start the new year with a Countdown app on a borrowed iPhone.

Nerf Herder played an hour and fifteen minute set last night at San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill to kick off 2011. I loved every minute of it. I’d never seen Nerf Herder live before and had really only been subjected to their music by my wife putting their cds in the car, songs on Rock Band Network and the Buffy the Vampire television show. My wife had seen them live once… 15 years ago.

Doors opened around 9:00. We got there around 10 minutes later and got New Year hats and noisemakers when we went in. We bought limited edition Nerf Herder tee shirts that Steve said had been printed earlier in the day. My wife took them to the car and changed into hers. Then we sat in the back of the room by the soundboard and got bored while Sassy played.

Sassy are two women from San Francisco that seem to know around one guitar chord. They were tolerable but just didn’t really hold my interest.

We moved up in front of the stage before the second act of the night, The Hooks, who are an Irish punk band who did a great cover of Folsom Prison Blues near the end of their set. They seemed very familiar to me for some reason. I thought they resembled Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Ploughman’s Lunch but The Hooks formed in San Francisco and were raised in San Bruno after immigrating to America. I liked their set. They were a good opening act and if they open for someone else in the future, I’d probably get their early enough to see them again. The Hooks also had their little nephew, Glen, with them. He bit into the ribbons tying balloons to the seats and sucked out the helium in them, thus removing something that was obstructing my view. Glen also joined the band on stage for one song and threw his New Year’s hat into the crowd as he took the stage. A little punk rocker in the making.

Around 5 minutes to Midnight, Parry Gripp asked the crowd if anyone had a countdown app. Someone let him borrow an iPhone and we all counted down to 2011 together. The band then started their set “from the past” for the “people of the future” in 2011.

In all, they did around 22 songs. I say around because they did the Buffy theme twice. It was a fun, high energy set from a bunch of guys that forced even a San Francisco crowd to jump up and down and just smile.

I’ve always liked Bottom of the Hill as a venue and bands like Nerf Herder are perfect for a club like that. I know the band are not touring and only do a few shows a year, but after many years of hearing my wife talking about how disappointed she is that we’ve missed a show of theirs due to a conflicting schedule or how disappointed she is that they haven’t played shows in a while, or especially how sad she was when they broke up briefly… I get it now.

I’m very glad to have started 2011 with a great show at Bottom of the Hill with a great band named after a Princess Leia insult.

Here’s the setlist my wife stole from Steve after chatting with him after the show, not necessarily in the order they played the songs:

Mr. Spock
Down on Haley
High School Reunion
Boner for X-Mas
5000 Ways to Die
Nosering Girl
Welcome to My World
Sportsman Bar
I’m Not a Loser
Doin’ Laundry (Sock Song)
Feeling Bad
Love Sandwich
Van Halen

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