2011 Event List in Progress

Work in progress…the Bill Cosby shows have been on sale since May?!?! and the only cheap seats are in the second to last row…


01/08 The Sweet Revenge

01/11/11 Erik’s birthday and we have no plans. We must fix this!


02/07 or /08 Atomic Tom

02/12 Bill Cosby

02/xx Avenue Q

02/19 Stockholm Syndrome

02/23 Pendulum, InnerPartySystem


03/02 Eric Clapton

03/18 Knight Rider Festival

03/19 Knight Rider Festival

03/22 Lady Gaga

03/26ish Jon Secada


04/01 WonderCon

04/02 WonderCon

04/03 Wondercon

04/29 Vienna Teng

04/30 Vienna Teng


05/xx or 06/xx Blue Man Group


06/07 U2, Lenny Kravitz


08/xx Vienna Teng/Germany


09/01 Penny Arcade Expo

09/02 Penny Arcade Expo

09/03 Penny Arcade Expo

09/04 Penny Arcade Expo


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