Rebel Smells

We went into the city Tuesday night to The Fillmore to see Billy Idol in concert.

The adventure included a bootleg tee shirt conspiracy theorist, a rocking two hour show and dancing with the devil?

After a quick dinner at Burger King, we went into the city to The Fillmore to see Billy Idol in concert.

We got there a little before 7 and the line wasn’t yet past the post office next to the venue. We were behind some people that were in town from Toronto and in front of a guy that works for corporate Whole Foods. I learned all of this and plenty more from the bootleg tee shirt salesman who was way too social with the line.

He started in on this whole story about how Google tracks everything that you do on the internet. He felt that them driving around in their cars taking pictures of your house was bad enough but now they know everything that you do. NEWSFLASH: THEY ALWAYS HAVE! He then tried to connect Google to the Bilderberger Group and the Bohemian Grove. Someone tried to feign interest and he started going into a huge rant about how Alex Jones would be president if it weren’t for him getting caught videotaping in the Bohemian Grove a few years back.

He did all of this talking to try to sell a tee shirt. He also did it to stop from getting bounced away from the line by the venue staff.

There was a girl filming people in the crowd. I don’t care what for, just hope we aren’t on it.

We were let in a little after 8 and I took my ebook reader in without incident. We sat on the bar rail for a little while and I read a couple of chapters of my book. Then we got a spot right in the thick of the crowd under the mirrored disco ball.

There was no opening act, and a few minutes after nine, Billy Idol and his band took the stage. They started out way back in the back catalog with Ready Steady Go, a song from the mid-seventies band Generation X that Idol founded. They rocked on with songs old and new and threw in a cover of LA Woman by The Doors custom-tailored to the Fillmore crowd, renamed “San Francisco Woman” for the night. Highlights for me were “Kinds and Queens of the Underground”, a song which Idol thanks his fans for being there for him and listening to his songs. He threw out flying saucers (paper plates) after the song and they each were autographed by him with messages scrawled on them. We didn’t get one but a good dozen or so sailed into the crowd. Seeing a man put his small son on his shoulders and the boy pumping his fist and rocking out to “Rebel Yell” was pretty cool. The “White Wedding”/”Mony Mony” encore was pretty great as well.

Even though they only played around 16 songs, due to quick breaks throughout the set and extended guitar solos from Steve Stevens, who had a really cool guitar with video effects on it that showed a galaxy spinning at one point and several other images throughout the night, the show lasted two full hours.

To think that this guy was rocking in a punk band before I was even born, and several different generations filled a sold out Fillmore tonight to see him, it is pretty amazing. Billy Idol was very appreciative of his audience and his audience was appreciative of him in return.

While he has had a long career, Billy Idol puts on a great show. If you have the opportunity to catch him in your town, you won’t be sorry!

Post-show, while exiting, this guy was walking along in a maroon shirt and black vest with sunglasses. This girl pulled him aside and tried to talk with him. She asked him his name and he took of his glasses, looked her in the eye and said “Lucifer”. He kept walking as she said “I know you, we’ve met before.”

That’s right, the devil was in front of me on the way out. I’m hoping he bought a bootleg tee shirt too…

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