Weekend Update: Stomach and Brain Food

We had a few different options for shows to go to on Saturday night, but ended up being lazy and decided to stay in for most of the weekend.

Read on for food adventures at High Tide, Le Petite Camille, and Papa John’s, along with some musing about Inception.

On Saturday morning we somehow were motivated enough to get out of bed and have breakfast at High Tide Cafe and Crepery. It was our third time there and it just keeps getting better. This was my second time to order the chicken sausage crepe. Last time, we arrived a little after lunch and the savory crepe had some sweet crepe flavor creeping in. Not the case this time. There was also seemingly more sausage in the crepe this time around, and the house potatoes were perfectly soft instead of french fryish. e had banana pancakes. The bananas were mashed into the pancakes during cooking and had good flavor. I had a hot chocolate instead of my usual sweet orange juice. The 12 ounce cup was quite generous. It was well topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, but I wish I’d stirred it, because all the good chocolate flavor was at the bottom.

After running a few errands we ended up at Tanforan to watch Inception. We got comfy seats in the back row. The sound overall seemed fine, but there were places in the movie where the actors mumbled and I couldn’t understand what they said. I recommend taking some vitamins that enhance comprehension before watching this movie, or going further if you’re into that. It combines the reality-bending braininess of The Matrix with the action, city visuals, and thrills of the Bourne movies. That said, I can watch a Bourne movie once and be done, and that was the case for me with Inception. There was a big visual plot clue I missed, but not big enough and I wasn’t confused enough that I need to watch it more than once in the theater at least. Your mileage may very…but over twice in the theater, with how much movies cost these days? Really? The music, composed by Hans Zimmer and with guitar by Johnny Marr, was very well done, although a little distracting at times. The cast was well put together, although I was a little distressed at seeing Leo DiCaprio older now. He’s no longer the age of a kid in Titanic or Romeo and Juliet anymore, and I’m not a kid anymore either.

We ended the day at Le Petite Camille (linked menu is outdated) to scout the place for a friend’s birthday celebration. He wanted Vietnamese food, we found the place and wanted to make sure it didn’t suck first. We got there and the place was only half full, but it filled when we were half done. The waiter got our initial order correct, but it was hard to get ahold of him to order additional things, and not all the things ended up coming to me (I asked for a 7up that never made it). The dishes were good though. There’s only one kind of pho, extra large with tendon and tripe, so if you want variety for pho I advise going elsewhere. There were lots of other different noodle dishes though, and a few other kinds of soup. They also have Vietnamese sandwiches. We saw one come out and go to some kids. The prices are a little high, but the portions are applicable. e had BBQ pork with imperial rolls. The pork had great flavor and I liked the rolls, but he didn’t like the bamboo shoots or whatever that it came with. I had pan fried noodles with chicken, and it had egg and vegetables stirred in. I had to wait the longest but it was very good. e was jealous and is going to get that next time with pork. He ended up getting some pork meatballs to finish up his meal, and that came with the rice noodles and vegetables so he got full. Three pork meatballs came on each skewer, and we got three skewers. They were slightly bigger than the diameter of a quarter and also had good flavor. My grandmother enjoyed her seafood clay pot. She said it was even better the next day. She was offered a side of steamed rice when she got her food, and she agreed. It took so long to get to her that she ended up only eating a little bit of rice. For dessert we got flan and a fried banana. Neither were anything special, although the orange sherbert that the fried banana came with was good. Saving the creme brulee experience for my friend’s celebration, so you’ll hear about that next week.

Finished off the weekend with one last adventure, trying out Papa John’s in San Francisco. We’d been to the one in San Bruno several times, but it isn’t quite right. The SF one is newer but we hadn’t gone yet because it’s in the middle of a neighborhood with confusing streets. Sure enough, I got lost, but fortunately not hopelessly lost. I got there and they hadn’t made my wings. I was hungry but fine with waiting. I checked out the rest of the tiny strip mall area, which caters to students since it’s basically within SFSU housing. There’s a burger place next door with grilled cheese, but they close at 6pm on Sundays. Open til 9 the rest of the week. There’s a liquor store, a laundromat, a cafe, and a Wells Fargo ATM. The rest of the stores are empty. It must suck to go to college in SF; it isn’t a college town at all.

Back to Papa John’s, a standby for college kids in places other than SF. I got directions from them, to take Brotherhood Way to 19th and get on Junipero Serra to get to their store. I’ll be sure to try it next time. I was a bit puzzled at the pepperoni sticking out instead of hidden under the cheese, but all worries were gone when I got home. The crust was a little soft, but not overly so, and the sausage flavor was excellent. Our wings were drowning in sauce, but weren’t actually overly spicy. They were crispy under the sauce and had plenty of meat. All that was left when we were done was one slice of pizza. We will definitely go again. Another advantage over San Bruno is they have tables. Only three of them, but still, much better than nothing. The store is kinda weird as it’s completely tiled, like they’re working in a giant bathroom. They have a deal where all their large pizzas are $10, including their specialty pizzas. Looking forward to taking advantage of it.

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