Rickshaws, bags, guts and buttons…

The past week was a busy one. We worked full time plus saw a bunch of cool shows. One three band night at the Rickshaw Stop, Guts and Buttons at Tartine, Ben Sollee and Fossil Fool at another Rickshaw (Bagworks) and some tasty food in the city as well.

DeathSpank: A Review

I’ve completed all of the quests as DeathSpank, hero to the downtrodden, and after an epic battle with Lord Von Prong that turned out not so epic, I’m here with one last date with Destiny… to provide a review of the game.

Celebration Weekend

We had a weekend of good food, fun concerts and hanging out with friends. It was a great way to celebrate Michele’s birthday. This entry talks about such things as seeing three shows (MC Hammer, Lily Storm at The Bowls and The Sweet Revenge) in one day and having a great food adventure on the…

Rebel Smells

We went into the city Tuesday night to The Fillmore to see Billy Idol in concert. The adventure included a bootleg tee shirt conspiracy theorist, a rocking two hour show and dancing with the devil?

Noe Venable Trio and on bass…

Tonight was a great evening visiting Berkeley. We started out at the newly opened Saturn Cafe on Allston Way, having dinner with a friend. Then we headed a few miles away to Cedar Street and saw a great concert with Monica Pasqual and Noe Venable and awesome guests.

a great weekend with friends

This weekend was extremely full of fun and good times. With a birthday dinner gathering for a friend, an afterparty with Rock Band, and an impromptu house concert on Saturday, visiting friends with a new baby while our XBoxes were repaired on Sunday, we did a lot of the things we really like.