The Sweet Revenge of The Toadies

Today we had a great day full of music with an acoustic concert by The Sweet Revenge at Clooney’s Pub in the afternoon and a late night concert at Bottom of the Hill headlined by The Toadies. Read on for more details and some cool YouTube embedded geekery.

Today started out with me watching a cool YouTube copy of an Adidas commercial that ran during the World Cup. It starred Daft Punk, Noel Gallagher, Snoop Dogg and some other people that I didn’t recognize in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Pretty cool stuff.

This afternoon, we went to San Carlos and saw The Sweet Revenge play acoustic at Clooney’s Pub. We got there and there were zero band members there. Eventually James showed up. We tried to coax him into a solo gig but decided to go get food across the street instead. We got some mango chicken, some pork dumplings, some fried bananas and some steamed rice from New Canton Restaurant. While we waited for our food to cook, the rest of the band showed up. We got our food and headed back to Clooney’s but discovered that they gave us no utensils to eat with. My wife went back and got some chopsticks for us and got us a couple of cokes at the bar.

The Sweet Revenge played after a DJ who spun R&B and Reggae all afternoon and pretty much took up all of the space that they should have had to set up. Instead, they set up in front of him with four stools. Gabe sat next to Clint next to Chris next to James with Erick playing a drum and a cowbell behind them. It was the first time we had ever seen them play acoustic before. They said that they had rehearsed and run through all of the songs before and had promptly forgotten the arrangements.

No matter, they still put on a really fun show. The venue was a boisterous bar with a barbecue going on out on the patio. They asked the band to mention the tri tip and the band did. Clint got distracted by some MMA vs NFL show that was playing on the television and Erick went a bit crazy with the cowbell at one point. After finishing up their regular set, Gabe mentioned to Clint that they should play Every Rose Has It’s Thorn, the Poison song. Clint looked up the lyrics and Chris and James walked away. They played a pretty competent cover for no rehearsal and the first time playing it ever. Chris even came back and did some cowbell accompaniment near the midpoint of the song.

It was an intimate show, that felt like a house concert in someone’s living room, but was a pub concert instead.

We came home for a brief intermission. Then we headed back out and saw The Famous, Dead Country and The Toadies at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.

The Famous are a Hank Williams III inspired local band, whose set didn’t really interest me. They played a very strange cover of Purple Rain near the end of their set which was unique to say the least.

Dead Country are a band from Los Angeles who play very radio friendly rock songs with a bit of pop sensibility and a lot of repetition. If I were to describe another band that they resemble, I would say early Everclear. Their set was a bit better than The Famous and they at least held my interest throughout their hour on stage.

The Toadies were the band we paid to see. I had really only heard one of their songs over and over on the radio. The band was a lot more grunge than I expected, reminding me at points of Nirvana, Bad Religion, The Pixies, AC/DC and The Beatles. Oddly enough, in their encore they covered The Beatles and apparently a bit of Bell Biv Devoe.

The Toadies put on a pretty great rock show, on par with Local H, another loud and somewhat angry band. The fans were rowdy and one mosher fell at one point and got up with a bloodied face. I’m not big on that kind of roughness, but we got out unscathed and had a pretty good time.

Overall, the show of the weekend for me was The Sweet Revenge at Clooney’s. A small gig with a really cool band playing slightly different takes of their songs and not afraid to make a mess of some of them.

It was a fun weekend, but now it is time to put it to rest and head back to work for the week.

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