Several Food Quests in one day, Era at its end.

For the past eight years or so, one San Francisco Financial District location near where I spend my work days has been a lunchtime staple and a post-work happy hour meetingplace. That local bar and grill is shutting down on Friday after more than 25 years in its current location. Why? To make way for part of the new Transbay Terminal. To pay tribute to a place that won’t be there anymore within the next few days, I stopped by this evening. The city gave the owners a hefty sum to move to a better location with actual parking. That is good for them but where am I going to get a tasty bacon guacamole burger and steak fries at lunch time now?

In other news, during my actual lunch break, I ate at Sunrise Deli, who proclaim themselves as serving “the best Falafel in the city”. I ordered a lamb shawerma but they had samples of their Falafel. Even though I really don’t care for fava beans or chickpeas, I tried it and it really was one of the best culinary experiences that I have had. Extremely good. So much that next time I am planning to skip the meat and get an avocado falafel sandwich when I eat there.

I am meeting my wife in the east bay and picking up her grandmother at Oakland International Airport now. I am hoping to try some new eatery while we are out here. We shall see.

We ended up eating at Zachary’s pizza in Oakland. The line for a table was a bit dizzying and overwhelming but the system of them giving you an estimated wait time followed by you ordering your pizza and it cooking while you wait for a table to become available worked well.

We had a large Italian chicken sausage pizza deep dish Chicago style and brought half of it home. Great pizza from a restaurant that seems to deserve the over 100 best pizza titles it has received over the years.

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