Today was our eighth wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we spent the morning being lazy, the afternoon having a nice lunch at Panera Bread in Millbrae (I had the chicken tortilla soup and salad. My wife had chicken with wild rice soup. We split an Asiago cheese bagel with sun-dried tomato cream cheese. I had an iced tea. She had a hot chocolate), and the evening with a great concert.

After lunch we did some electronics shopping at Fry’s in San Jose, where we bought a 32GB SDHC card, a 1.5TB hard drive and I got a charger for my iPod that I can leave at work. We also picked up a 4GB MicroSD for a friend and debated for the second week in a row buying a Panasonic camcorder. We passed again on that.

Our next stop was Micro Center. We browsed a lot and bought a Micro SD USB adaptor for our friend.

Next was Best Buy in San Carlos where we bought nothing but celebrated The Rescues being featured at a $7.99 price point for the week. I also looked at all of the Windows video editing software and discovered that the cheapest one, Corel Video Studio, was the only one thst supports the HDV .m2ts files our current camcorder spits out. We acquired that later in the day.

We got gas and a snack at Costco and headed home to get ready for this evening’s Charming Hostess show.

Even though it was my fourth time seeing Charming Hostess this week, I really enjoyed their performance in the Yerba Buena Center Forum. Pre-show, the cd music they played was Borrowed Arms by Two Foot Yard, a band which features three sometimes Charming Hostess members. The band added three members from Real Vocal String Quartet, Dina Maccabee, Jessica Ivry and Irene Sazar to a few songs. Marika, Cynthia and Jewlia did a couple of songs from Sarajevo Blues, which I was happy to hear as we never got to see Marika with then during that era.

It was a sad realization that this performance was the last time we will see Marika for a while. She plays in New York later in the week and who knows when we will see her again.

I took a few pictures and recorded what I imagine will be bad video during the show. It was nice to be there and share in a concert experience with my wife as I have done countless times over the years.

After the show we waited to see if Marika would come out. She didn’t so we didn’t get to say goodbye. But we will see her in the future I am sure.

We took a few pictures of The Bowls at night and had a late dinner at 4th Street Bar and Deli. (I had fish and chips. My wife had chicken tenders.)

While we could have had an extravagant celebration, I felt like today was not really different than any other day, and that felt just fine because every day I get to spend with my wife makes me happy. I feel lucky to be spending my life with her and sharing in adventures big and small.

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