Three concerts, food and a yard sale.

This afternoon, we went to High Tide Cafe in Pacifica for lunch. We went there last Saturday for brunch. It is a great restaurant.

After lunch, we stopped by a local Lutheran Church’s “yard sale” where they were selling whatever you can fit into a pink shopping bag for $1. We bought a bag full of books, music and doodads. One of those doodads was an iRock mp3 player. We also bought a really cool piece of luggage for $5 that looks like it may have just sat in someone’s garage for a long time and was very lightly used. Oh and some fudge for $1.

We saw a pretty smashed up Saturn that was involved in an accident shortly before we got there. I felt bad for the owner.

After we got home, I finally caught the Eclipse Mouse on Mousehunt. It is the mouse that sits atop the King’s Gauntlet and by making the catch I’ve completed that area of the game. It took quite some time but it was worth it and kept me busy while the developers build the two new areas that are coming next.

In the late afternoon, we hopped on BART and headed into the city to visit The Bowls Project. For me, it was my third day in a row visiting the sculpture garden in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. For my wife, it was her first visit altogether. I showed her around and Jason from Charming Hostess told us a bit more about the project. I demonstrated some of the unique acoustics and we spent some time just relaxing like it was a friend’s living room. That’s what The Bowls has become for me actually, a really cool venue that feels like a good friend’s living room.

Tonight we saw a four piece incarnation of Charming Hostess open for a solo set by Marika Hughes. The crowd for the Marika portion of the show consisted of many of her friends and even several who also play cello. It was like a San Francisco cellist convention for the most part. Both the Charming Hostess and the Marika Hughes sets were around 30 minutes each. Marika had only prepared to play solo cello instrumental pieces from her Picasso Commissions project, which features only songs written by her friends and collegues. She played a song written by Dina Maccabee, one by Carla Kihlstedt, one by Charlie Burnham and two others. The crowd demanded an encore and she eventually was coaxed into two other songs with vocals. They are from her other current project, Building Buildings. The last song she played made reference to Lemonade and made me think of the Ramon and Jessica song, Fucker, which also makes reference to Lemonade.

After the Marika set, we went to the bathroom at The Metreon and then headed to The Red Poppy Art House, where we saw Ramon and Jessica, who closed their main set with Fucker. Dina’s mom and brother were in the crowd and Jesse’s mom was there too. It was a pretty big turnout and felt like a special occasion more than just a standard show. They pulled out some rarely played tracks and put on a great show, as usual. Dina even subtly plugged my YouTube video for Driving is Fun during their set.

We were pretty hungry after three concerts. We headed to El Farolito and shared a plate of chicken super nachos and a strawberry aquas fresca.

It was a busy day but very enjoyable.

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