Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream review

Hullo, dusty ol’ blog. Lot of stuff has happened. I really ought to write it down.

We went on a food quest this weekend with a friend. Her initial suggestion: Humphry Slocombe ice cream. They have weird savory flavors as well as twists on the normal ones. They only have 10-12 flavors out at a time, using local and seasonal ingredients, and once a flavor is gone for the day they rotate a new one in. They had just gotten some buzz in the NYT, MSN and such.

Went there and everyone was getting Salt and Pepper. Had a sample and it tasted like, well, salt and pepper in ice cream. There was nothing wrong with it, but I don’t typically just eat salt and pepper by themselves, usually it’s to enhance meat or veggies…? As an enhancement for ice cream, didn’t work for me. But then, I have the raging sweet tooth.

After I got home, found out that they had tweeted right when we left the house that Boccalone (the Tasty Salted Pig Parts peeps in the Ferry Building) Prosciutto Ice Cream was going to be out… *the next day.* Durnit. They did carry bacon peanut brittle, but we didn’t get any.

The malted milk chocolate was fantastic, the Harvey Milk & Honey Graham Cracker was overrated. Our friend said the curry for the peanut butter was very subtle. The waffle cone was waffle flavor, not sugar, with a good crunch but not breakteeth hard.

It was only about a 15 minute wait in line, with some weird dude calling out to the street on an apartment balcony above. It was a good adventure since we had the time, and hopefully next time we go there are some weirder flavors, but we have plenty of other ice cream places to try…

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