Concert schedule for June/July

Here’s what I have so far. What am I forgetting?

6/01 The Sweet Revenge

6/05 Math The Band, MC Lars, MC Chris

6/06 BFD

6/17 The Sweet Revenge

6/18 Dina Maccabee, Jesse Olsen

6/19 En Vogue

6/20 Heather Combs, Garrison Starr, The Rescues

6/22 Kate Miller-Heidke

6/25 Brandi Carlile

7/05 Lilith Fair

7/08 Dina Maccabee Band

7/11 MZD [reading, not concert]

7/17 Katie Herzig Marika Hughes, Charming Hostess

7/17 Ramon and Jessica (not 19th, can bounce after ChoHo)

7/18 Charming Hostess

7/24 Toad The Wet Sprocket

7/25 The Sweet Revenge

7/25 Toadies

7/31 Acoustic Shadows

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