Katie Herzig’s live album

I was listening to Katie Herzig’s Live In Studio: Acoustic Trio on the way to work this morning. In the midst of it, I was just like –

What the heck has this girl gone through, that we probably have nothing in common, yet the situations she sings about resonate so much?

A bit later, as I drove through the hills of 280, there was some lyric that just absolutely made my brain melt. I can’t recall right now, it was something about a relationship, will have to dig it up and add it to this entry later (I think it was from “I Hurt Too”), but then it was like –

How the heck did she figure that out??!!!

As I grow older, bands are getting younger, so I figured she’s younger, but according to Wikipedia she’s not that much younger. Looks like she skipped a grade. Smart girl then.

I read the bio on her site, and it turns out she was in a band before she started her solo work, and they have five more CDs to buy on CDBaby. Dammit!

Oh, so the title of this entry mentions the album, but I didn’t actually say anything about it. Um, the other thing I was thinking about –

Does she realize her voice is so beautiful??!!

I don’t even like singer/songwriter/guitarists. Sheesh. Her trio creates magic on stage, which they’ve tried to bring here, but I haven’t grabbed onto it yet. I think listening in the car doesn’t help. Also, being in studio lets them add a few things, I think there is an electric guitar in the mix, and some vocal effects around. Still, it’s a very good collection and I’m glad to have it.

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