Tour tour tour tour

A year ago, Erik and I were at SFO, eating pizza for Pi Day and getting on a plane to New York for a wonderful excursion of sights, sounds, and of course food.

This year, I’m so very excited to say that we’re going on tour…on the weekends. And we want to see you. So if I’ve tagged you, either we want to meet up, or I need suggestions on places to go/things to eat in the places we’ll be in.

If I’m not visiting your town this time around, I really hope you’ll look up the tour schedule and see a show. I’m really proud of what Vienna and Alex have accomplished on this album, and the shows will be equally awesome, promise.

On with it:

April 17 – Schuba’s – Chicago, IL
April 18 – Orlando FL, stopping over to see friends on the way to
April 19 – Miami, FL to see my sister, her husband’s family, and shower my niece with zillions of toys!

April 24 – Yoshi’s – Oakland, CA
April 25 – Rio Theatre – Santa Cruz, CA

May 2 – Club Congress – Tucson, AZ

May 9 – Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA
May 10 – The Evening Muse – Charlotte, NC

May 15 – Akrona Galleries – Akron, OH – visiting Erik’s family, and seeing the lovely cat Ebony
May 16 – Cleveland, OH to check out the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame

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