Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Event (Golden Apple Comics, Hollywood)

After spending the day in line camped on Melrose Avenue with a group of women from Dekker_Daily and one guy ahead of us, and a slowly building line that eventually stretched around the block behind us, we had a really fun time at the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles event last night in Hollywood.

Pre-Event Line Waiting (9:15am-5:30pm):
We arrived at around 9:15am. There were only 9 people in front of us. 8 were Dekker_Daily people who had apparently only gotten there an hour earlier than we did. The furthest one traveled from their little group was Washington, DC from what I understand. There was also one guy that I don’t know if he was related to the group or not. He kept to himself most of the time but may have been married to one of the fangirls. We parked up the street at a meter for a few minutes until I verified that the lot directly behind me was open. My wife pulled in there and we started our line sitting. My wife went to Pink’s to get a hot dog and I pulled out my EeePC around 9:30. The Dekker_Daily girls and the guy all crowded around as I demonstrated a lot of what the EeePC could do. It was the first time I ever used the Ultrabright/Outdoor Sun setting in eeectrl, and I really like it for sunlight usage. So much so that I’m using it now. I typed up the other entry about fandom while I was in line there and ate the side of bacon my wife brought back to me. The store opened at 10am. I went inside a little while later and bought 1,001 nights of snowfall, the only Fables Graphic Novel I had not read. I took the next couple of hours to read it cover to cover. While it was a great way to see the origins of a lot of the Fables, having jumped in with Issue #1, it didn’t really reveal too much. I’m happy to have read it though and it definitely helped pass the time. The sun started to come out right after I finished the book, and my wife got her parasol and got me an umbrella to shade me from the sun. It really helped. I called my family around 12:15 and talked with them for a bit. At around 12:40, the police showed up to find out what was going on and then one of the store employees came out and said the first 80 people in line would get gift bags with tee shirts and other goodies. He also brought out some Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles plastic cups. Kind of a strange giveaway item, but a cool keepsake nonetheless. Around 1:00 I took a walk across the street to Hot Wings Cafe and got a small order of hot wings and two waters. I also used their restroom. My wife went over after I got back and got a root beer float and used their restroom. The wings were okay but they had very little meat on them. They do give you a large amount of them though. After eating and cleaning up my hands, I went back into Golden Apple and bought my wife 4 of the 5 Sam Kieth The Maxx graphic novels she didn’t have.

At around 2:15pm, Indie 103.1’s little action team girls brought their tent and moved us to the other side of the sidewalk. My wife and I helped them a little bit to set up their tent. I was in mid-Tweet at the time and delayed my assistance until I could save my draft. We were basically inside the tent for the rest of the line proceedings. They started playing a really good mix cd of stuff they would play on the station around 3pm. It included Death Cab for Cutie, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, The B-52’s, Mike Doughty, The Bravery and eventually it was replaced by one of the store manager’s iPod playlists. He said he had all kinds of Terminator and Garbage/Shirley Manson songs on it and they started up his playlist with Survivalism by Nine Inch Nails? It had some Linkin Park and some Guns n’ Roses and indeed a few Garbage and Terminator songs mixed in. It also had Shirley’s version of Samson and Delilah from the premiere episode last Monday. My wife’s cousin that lives in Los Angeles stopped by around 4 and visited with us in line. Around 4:15, a Fox employee pulled up with his customized Lancer Evolution. It had Summer Glau’s head on the front of it and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles written on the sides. Fox.com took pictures of the fans in front of it while we were waiting for 5pm to approach. I put our chairs and other gear in the car, leaving just our S3 and HV20 to capture those special moments from inside.

Just a few minutes before five, they lead the front of the line through the side door and asked our shirt sizes. We were handed gift bags with army green Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles tee shirts (mine is an XL so it probably won’t fit), cups, Golden Apple ads and posters with the full cast on them. We were lined up inside for around half an hour as the cast members arrived and got seated at a long table for autographs and meet and greet. Garrett Dillahunt actually got up and came through the line to apologize that everyone else was not yet ready and I commented that I didn’t know if I should be scared or not and he said something i reply like, yeah now you know how wussy I am. I saw blurs of TEH SHIRLEY and Brian Austin Green arrive around a swarm of Dekker fans chatting with the very well dressed Thomas Dekker. The guy behind us in line kept peeking and reporting to his friend about who had arrived and who had not. Josh Friedman popped up to the counter and the guy behind the counter had no clue who he was. I don’t know what their conversation was but I was hoping to get a picture with him at some point in the night after seeing that he was there. The line started moving around 5:30.

The Event:
We met Brian and Garret first, with Brian commenting that he was signing his signature right into Garret’s crotch in the picture and Garret making the line just a bit bigger when he signed his own signature, then Summer Glau, who seemed a bit distracted but was very pleasant. Next was Thomas Dekker who recognized that he hadn’t met us before and introduced himself and drew his own little peace sign/flag symbol under his autograph. Up next was the new blond girl that plays Riley starting in tomorrow night’s episode. I swear I’ve seen her in something else before but I really don’t know her yet. Then we got to Richard T. Jones, who was sitting right next to Shirley Manson when he noticed my wife’s Garbage hat. He said he knew the lead singer of that band. My wife feigned surprise and asked if he would say hi to her for her. He turned to Shirley, smiled, and said hi. Richard is by far my favorite of the cast members. That means he will probably die this season. Finally we reached Shirley. Shirley was next to a big plate of cookies. My wife commented that she was lucky to have the snacks next to her. She offered for my wife to take some. She took a small portion of a chocolate chip something and then asked if any of the MySpace Shirleys were real. Shirley said she didn’t have a MySpace. She also asked if Shirley would consider doing more online diaries and she said she was considering it. Finally, she commented about how Shirley doing this show has really re-energized the Garbage community and thanked her for her time. The Fox rep at the end of the line handed us our now signed by every cast member that doesn’t play Sarah Connor on the Sarah Connor Chronicles posters and we took two seats in the viewing area to watch this week’s episode.

Just after 6, a store employee introduced Josh Friedman, who introduced the episode, titled Automatic for the People.

There were little comments from the back of the room as the cast continued to sign throughout the episode. Garret and Brian did a “Oh no he didn’t” when Sarah’s old boyfriend confessed to his current wife that he didn’t love Sarah anymore “that way” and she slapped him. The girl that plays Riley commented “C’mon, that’s funny y’all” after her “18 November, just testing” line that got no response from the crowd. It was kind of fun watching the episode with the people in the episode watching right behind us.

After the episode ended, they brought up stools for the cast members and Josh and did a 15 minute Q&A. They asked Shirley some questions, which was cool. I don’t think Richard or Garret got to say anything at all.

Post-Q&A they ushered us out the front and the cast out the back door. They asked us to leave quickly because there was still a large crowd waiting to get in and they decided to screen the episode for them as well. Sadly, they wouldn’t get autographs or a cast appearance or Q&A, but at least the store and Fox were nice enough to show them the episode a few days early.

We went to the hotel and got cleaned up and went to Shakey’s on Santa Monicafor dinner. It was four people’s birthday and they had a DJ playing very loud Spanish music. We had pizza, chicken tenders and mojos. Afterward, we went to Amoeba and bought Orbital Live From Glastonbury, Karma by Delerium, Dick at Nite by Richard Cheese, a Freezepop advance cd, Priscilla Ahn’s first cd, The Bowmans’ cd, a Nitrus compilation with some god lives underwater songs I didn’t have on cd yet and a cheap Presidents of the United States of America cd we didn’t have.

We were both pretty tired and retired to the hotel to sleep after that.

We checked out after a small continental raisin bran/mini-muffin breakfast around 10:30 and are now headed home on 101.

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