Hype – Believe It?

Back in the year 2000… (in the year 2000…), Dragon Electronics, a no-name (to me) company were set to release the unthinkable. A cd player that was able to do something amazing… play discs burned full of mp3s.

The mp3 file format had become extremely popular due to this peer-to-peer program called Napster that let you share your music collection with users all over the world. It was a great time to be on the internet. You could download pretty much any song you could imagine and play them back on your computer…

But the only way to make them portable was by converting them to .wav and burning a cd. Until now…

In the early winter of 2000, Dragon debuted its mpTrip portable mp3 cd player at the Consumer Electronics Show. I read reviews of it and was amazed. I had to have one. I researched Dragon and my girlfriend and I both ordered one as soon as possible. We were some of the first people in the world who had mp3 cd players. It was great. But it took for-fucking-ever to come out.

We finally got them in like November… it took all Spring, Summer and Fall to finally ship out to us.

Fast forward seven years…

Another amazing product, the low-cost, small, sub-notebook computer from Asus and Intel, the eee pc is unveiled in June at Computex.

I immediately have to have one, and so does my wife.

We preorder.

We sit around and wait in anticipation.

It looks like it will be another November release of a product that we’ve been anticipating for a long time.

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