In Loving Memory

The Animators have played their last show.

We were there.

It was a very sad experience, but a great celebration of six years of the lives of the band and its many incarnations.

We met them when there were three. Shortly after Phil joined Alex and Devon. They later became five, or four, or three or two or three or four again. We were always surprised. It was always a great experience. Even if Devon was sick and could barely sing. Even if he rocked so hard he broke strings on three different guitars at a house concert. Even if Alex misplaced his E-Bow or forgot the words or played the wrong part. Even if I inadvertantly cut Phil out of the shot most of the time. Even then, when it was all said and done, Kevin still had an infectious smile on his face.

They planned a double set. They revised their setlist to include tracks that featured a tuba, cello, violin, extra guitar and piano. They decided part of the way through not to take a set break. They were choking back tears on several occassions. But they played an amazing set of the majority of their material. It was a wonderful experience, and I’m glad we were there to be a part of it.

Nice Guy
Die in LA
Good Day
Girl 3
The Drive
I Won’t Tell
Golden Age
The Senator Goes to Hell
Brooklyn Blurs
Words Fail
A Girl Like You
Every Heart Will Break
How to Get By
Good to Be Here
How Do I Get Over You
If Only
Ordinary Moment
Late Night Show
Help is On the Way

Lots of great musicians and familiar faces in the crowd. Vienna Teng, Mariana Bell and Timothy Daniel were there. They didn’t join the band on stage, but were celebrating and basking in the greatness of what once was…

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