thank you for listening

Today, i got some disappointing news as well. a really great band, who i’ve become pretty fond of over the past few years, the animators, have decided to disband. they have all taken on a lot of other projects and don’t really have time to bring the quality of rock that they are known for on a continual basis, so i agree that it is probably the right decision. but it is one that they made that makes me sad.

i’ve been listening to music for a really long time. i’ve been to hundreds of concerts. i’ve even seen one particular artist over seventy times. that artist, vienna teng, was who introduced me to the animators. devon, alex and phil played a show at the red devil lounge a couple of days before they had vienna play at their residency at the hotel cafe in los angeles. we planned to go to la, but decided to check them out opening for an 80’s cover band called the retros two nights beforehand in san francisco. their set, well, it kind of sucked. but it was intriguing enough for me to ask my wife to buy the cd anyway. and we both really liked it. we saw them a lot and i eventually began to look forward more to the animators opening for vienna or playing after her than even for some of her shows. hell, i even decided at one point that i would take a break from seeing vienna after around forty shows after a few of the shows weren’t as appealing to me anymore. the reason i didn’t stop going was because the animators opened up the next two shows. they brought the rock. they brought some soul. they were two to five guys at a time playing great music. the animators were involved in high points of the last few years and low points. their music took us away from the bay area just prior to a trying time for our family. we had really needed that little house concert in santa maria. we just didn’t know it until shortly after we got back home. i became a really big fan of the band. i didn’t care for a few of their songs, but i was ecstatic when their second full length album came out. more music. they even thanked my wife and i for being superfans in their credits.
recently, the animators probably should have been the opening act on a cross-country tour with vienna teng. as a consolation prize, we got alex wong, one half of the founding duo of the animators, on percussion in vienna’s band. yes, he brought a bit of a new dimension to her music. yes, he has a couple of other things up his sleeve. but watching the band play in san diego, hollywood and san francisco made me start to realize that maybe the animators were done. today i read that my suspicions were correct. and it makes me sad. but happy to know that they came to this conclusion and can remain good friends in rock.

they always have the polite tag line: “thank you for listening” on their releases.

to the animators:
“thank YOU for playing!”

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