Fables – A Graphic Novel Series Review

Fables is a comic about storybook characters who are driven out of their kingdoms by an evil adversary, who is revealed to be a true puppetmaster and conqueror. The exiled fables end up in Fabletown, in New York City. They later expand to Baghdad and other areas. There’s even an animal farm and a retirement community. They explain away a lot of the plot holes in the fables as well. Jack (of “and the beanstalk” is the same person who “jumped over the candle stick” and battled the snow queen to create winter as “Frost”) Horner, Prince Charming (who was divorced three times, first wife is Snow White, second is Sleeping Beauty, third is Cinderella), the Big Bad Wolf and Old King Cole are all central characters. Even Little Boy Blue, The Frog Prince and Red Riding Hood have important roles. Pinocchio and Bluebeard and Mogwai. Hell, even Goldilocks and the three bears are involved.

It is great to see these characters all come together in a graphic novel for mature readers. And it has been an entertaining way to pass time.

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