mark z danielewski’s first novel, house of leaves, took his readers on a journey through a house that was bigger on the inside than out, through an extremely unique page layout, colorful text and supporting items, including two cds, hexcode that when compiled played a clip of one of his sister’s songs, and even a braille plate at one point in the novel. the book spawned an ep of sorts in the whalestoe letters, which acheived moderate success publishing an excerpt from the book to appeal to readers that may have been overwhelmed by the sheer size of house of leaves. danielewski returned quietly with a dutch only release, the fifty year sword in 2005, telling a ghost story of sorts just in time for halloween. he again used unique layout, five colors for five narrators in one sometimes cohesive, sometimes not poetic tale of a sword that doesn’t inflict its wound until one’s fiftieth birthday. earlier this year, mark danielewski completed his second full length novel, published in september by pantheon books in the united states. only revolutions again comes with incredibly creative layout, with two narrative poems, interconnnecting with one hundred years of history, and a summer love that will never die. sam and hailey’s journey, or hailey and sam’s journey depending on the reader and the direction they choose to take, begins in the spring on a mountain and ends in autumn in the same location. in the three hundred and sixty pages between, they travel across the country, falling in love, trying to marry and reigning destruction down on Them. The story uses fan-submitted material (names of plants, animals, cars, historical and personal events) combined with the author’s genius layout, keeping the reader constantly moving in any direction they choose, literally revolving with the story. **insert amazon blurb here**. danielewski didn’t write a life changing, gripping story with either of his novels. however, he has written two great works that change the way people read in an intelligent and positive way. decades from now, these books will be poured over by scholars as classic new american literature. already today, house of leaves is mandatory reading in many college level classes.

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