The 21st Century looms ahead…

Yes, I’ve had a lot of outdated technology that I’ve been working with for a couple of decades with no problems.

We’ve waited and waited to get an HDTV until the time was right. Our hand me down 32″ TV was adequate but the color was incredibly off on it. I couldn’t take much more and with my wife and I both working full time jobs, I started looking into projector TVs and such, and found them to be a bit ridiculous. The picture is nice and big and such, but they have lamps that need to be replaced every 1000 or so hours. Not so much fun when the lamp is about half of the cost of the projector.

So I settled myself on a smaller HDTV unit. Something 26″ or 30″ or so. Something with digital inputs. Something good. But something not that expensive as well.

Saw a sale on for a Syntax LT26HVX 26″ LCD Television on sale for $599 with a $50 mail in rebate at CompUSA. Today was the last day of the sale. I read some reviews and it looked adequate. We went to the store and it was nice enough that we bought one. Fit comfortably in the trunk of our car… so comfortable that I want to mount one in the trunk and “pimp my ride”….

So we got it home, got rid of the giant monstrous tv (it has been relegated to our shed for later electronics recycling disposal) and spent a couple of minutes setting it up.

We don’t have the appropriate HD inputs for the TV, but it looks much better than the old TV. We’re finally embracing the 21st Century.

And we’re totally turning into yuppies. What with the Calvin Klein eyeglasses, complete with clip-on shades (which mind you are very good in helping me drive) and the HDTV. Soon I’ll be going to Panera and talking about how amazing everything is, and parking my BMW next to my wife’s Ferrari or something. Well, I wouldn’t go that far, the TV wouldn’t have fit in the trunk of either of those models of car.

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