long live the internetz

Back in 1997-2001, I was rather active on the Internet. I had a few cool websites, dedicated to bands that don’t exist anymore, and I worked on a fan website for MZD and I started a website for a band called 12 Rounds.

The 12 Rounds site is going to be the focus of this entry.

I started the website directly after I purchase a promo copy of “12 Rounds: Title TBA” on Nothing Records at Dave’s Music Mine in the Oakland suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The website had a tracklisting for the album that later became My Big Hero. Eventually, a release date for the album was posted. Then tour dates. Then “news”. Then more news. Then I saw them play in Washington, DC. Horizontal fans withstanding, I got to meet Claude, and I advised I had a website for the band. Her response was something along the lines of “already?” And she ushered me off to the tour bus to talk with the band’s manager, Richard Ramsey and give him the site information. Several months past. Then an email from Claude. Then more emails. Then Clint Mansell and Trent Reznor were emailing me. Then I met this guy on Napster while downloading some Clint Mansell, who just happened to be a fan, who reserved the “official” sounding domains at 12rounds.net and 12rounds.org. Then this other bloke from New Zealand showed up and offered to do the artistic design for the site. We finalized everything and several years passed with nothing at all. Then 12rounds.com expired and this other guy who we hadn’t met before got it back for us. Then earlier this year, the message board was hacked, the 12rounds.com domain ran out and it looked pretty bleak that we’d never hear from the band again. Then Jerome Dillon decided to do a few live shows with nearLY. Then I met 12 Rounds officially. Now, I’m preparing to go back to work on the website. Strangely enough, through all of this, the same fans are still on the message board. None of them every gave up hope.

Claude and Atticus both seemed genuinely appreciative that my wife and I took the drive down to see the nearLY show on Thursday night at Spaceland. And for all that I’ve done, which was very little. It feels really good to know that I’ve done something cool that has lasted for the past 8 years on the internetz.

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