Take It So Hard should be the first single…

Wednesday night, we saw Etienne De Rocher (SNORE!), Ramon and Jessica (MORE!) and Vienna Teng and the Short Story Players. After the show, we raced to DNA Lounge and caught the Conjure One set. The Conjure One set was great. It was short, but they did almost every vocal track in the band’s repetiore. It was a simple band. Rhys Fulber on Keyboards and samples and drum machine and laptop. Chemda on vocals. Some dude I don’t know on what sounded like a busted guitar. It was a night with four acts. Some of it was good. I’m glad to have experienced it.

Today, I was really excited to see another Animators rock show. We spent most of the afternoon across the street from the venue working on a project and then went in shortly before load in. Kevin and Alex showed up shortly thereafter and Vienna and Jim got there a bit later. It was a few hours of waiting. The wait yesterday went by really fast. Tonight seemed to drag on forever. Last night I was joined in the small cave where I videotape at The Independent by a couple of audio tapers. Tonight I was very alone.

Tonight’s Animators show was not very good. Nothing that they tried really worked. It was still a good show. I just felt a small amount of pain for them. Vienna Teng and the band that was formerly Estonia plus DIna Macabee were very good. They had a lot of energy tonight, which was good. The crowd was very small to start, which also worried me. By the end of the night it was fairly full, which is good.

It was the last show of the year for both The Animators and Vienna Teng. Vienna goes off to record Album #3, and The Animators take a few weeks off before the east coast premiere of How We Fight.

The good side of things is that The Animators soundcheck was very entertaining. They did Senator which has become my favorite song of theirs. I hadn’t had a favorite before. Back in May, when they first played The Independent and I met Alex’s parents, I couldn’t say one song was my favorite. Now I have one. They didn’t play it during the actual show. That’s probably a good thing considering that the show went all downhill from the start. They did play Take It So Hard though. I’ve decided that it is a great song that should be the single from the album. Not that the Animators have singles or anything like that.

During Vienna’s set, the band formerly known as Estonia and Alex Wong played Whatever You Want. I thought of the “More Cowbell” skit and decided it would have worked much better as “More Glockenspiel”.

The Disneyland Electrical Parade-ified album version of Good Day is playing. I need about 365 of those next year…

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