Serenity – A Book Review

Serenity – A Novel by Keith R.A. DeCandido

The movie is a tremendous film. The dialogue works, the framing works,
the only thing I’m not too sure of is the score… and that’s only
because I haven’t actually seen the film with the final score yet.

The novelization works to some extent, but I don’t like the inaccuracies
such as Zoe’s last name being wrong twice, the Operative being a
bespectacled tough guy, and the fact that nine crew members get off of
Serenity when they reach Miranda when there were only eight people on
the ship at the time.

Then there’s the little Keith DeCandido bonus pieces. I hated the word “contoooosions”
in an added piece of dialogue from Mr. Universe. I somewhat disliked the
introductory Battle of Serenity description pieces that he added, and again
not happy with the inaccuracies previously mentioned.

Otherwise, the book tells its story. It does so in a way that non-Firefly
fans will “get” it without a problem. It gives bits of backstory that make
it a worthwhile purchase, and it follows the film fairly closely.

It also has scenes that were either deleted or changed in the movie. I was
shocked when a crew member gets electrocuted in the book, as that does not happen
in the movie. There are little pieces added that I’m fairly certain were in Joss Whedon’s
screenplay that I’m a bit disappointed aren’t in the final film. One scene has a rocket
that Zoe shoots into the sky and the crew watches a firework go off from it. I would have
liked that scene in the movie.

I’d probably give the book 3 out of 4 stars because I love the movie and the story.
I don’t see myself reading any other DeCandido books though.

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